Tingling in fingers & hand

I have tingliness in my fingers and my hands sometimes and it comes out of no of nowhere . It doesn’t hurt it just feels weird . Has anyone experienced this ? I’m going to bring up at my next endocrinology appointment.

How recently did you get diagnosed? When I first got diagnosed that happened but it went away after a couple weeks or so!!

I have the same symptoms, only overnight/early morning. I think it’s the Lantus bc I went without it a few times and on the nights I skipped it, no tingling. I know I need Lantus, but I’ve been wondering if I’ve developed a reaction to it. Will post back when I talk to the endo.

I have been a diabetic for 17 years and I am on the pump and I use humalog .

@Lila I have been a diabetic for 17 years and am on the pump using humalog

Hi there. I just wanted to mention that @TiJoy - who replied above - posted a question titled “insulin side effects.” Check there for responses too. I hope you get this figured out soon if you haven’t already. Be careful.