Tingling sensations

over the past month and a half i've been having consistent sensations in my legs and arms. i have even had the feeling of a pinched nerve once or twice since i've been having this problem. i've never had this problem before and i've been diagnosed for 14 years now. now i know when you have low blood sugar, tingling is normal so that doesnt bother me. but i'm getting scared because this isnt just when i'm low (i get the sensations even when my blood sugar is normal) and its getting to be more psychological than anything. i keep thinking the worst like "what is something is seriously wrong?"

the best i can describe it is having restless leg syndrome in my hands, arms, legs, feet, etc. i'm scared about limbs going numb during my sleep if i sleep in the wrong position or if this will lead to amputation or nerve damage. i dont know what to do...should i see a neurologist? am i overreacting? any thoughts?

if its consistent there's no reason not to get it checked out. worse come to worse, there's nothing wrong and you've just wasted a bit of time getting it checked out. but better safe than sorry really.

I would go see a doctor just to be safe, if I were you. Good luck.

i am 13 and i get tingling in my feet and sometimes in my fingers. they feel numb and i am kinda worried of what the outcome could be. =(


You might want to discuss this with your endo. at your next visit.  It is important to tell your doctor about any problems you may be experiencing. Good Luck.

I now have painful neuropathy and it started out as tingling. I would tell your diabetes Dr. right away...  the best thing you can do is to try to keep tight control over your blood sugars, exercise to improve circulation etc. Lately I have been reading that 1 or 2 doses of 600 mg. of Alpha Lipoic Acid daily may be able to reverse nerve damage and alleviate the pain... but use of ALA is still considered experimental... Either way bring it to your Dr.s attention now, before it gets any worse. Good luck.

Hi uhcoog, Whenever i go to see my endo he always asks me if I feel any of the symptoms you just mentioned. So I would probably talk to my endo first. Hope you are feeling better soon.

i had that same feeling too!!!

once while i was showering and it freaked me out so much i ran out of the shower and tried to relax. it eventually went away and i havent experienced it again....so i hope it was just somethng random. its been 15yrs for me.