Tired of Diabetes Today

So I was wondering if anyone else ever starts feeling sorry for themselves and gets in ruts because of diabetes. I was diagnosed in October and have been kind of ok with everything but today must be a down day! I have been from 60's up to 230 today and that is probably part of the reason for my mood. I am tired of dr appointments, and spending so much money on everything medical, and I am tired of food and counting and watching. I feel like people think that diabetes is not a big deal and that I make a bigger deal of it than what it is. (this is all just my feeling) Do you ever feel like people get tired of it and tired of hearing about it? I try not to talk about it or bring it up, but it ALWAYS comes up. I worry mainly that my boyfriend gets tired of it, I know I am tired of it! He has never ever said that to me but I think it could wear on a significant other. I dunno, just ugggh today...


Everything you say is true, but sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you will learn to just take each day as it comes, and do your best for that day.

Hi Rachel!

We all go through these days.  It is good your boyfriend has the patience to let you vent.  If someone really cared, they'd understand.  My husband has always been there for me through all of my ups and downs.  With T1 diabetes, there is a lot to consider and even though it may not be as terminal as anything like Cancer, but it is still just as tiresome.  So, you are definitely not alone in this one.  I've actually been feeling tired of diabetes for the past few months because I'm going through my first pregnancy and everything I knew about diabetes before has completely gone out the window!  The hormonal changes have taken me back to square 1 and I feel like I'm relearning diabetes all over again, having to go through all the trials and errors once more.  But, many of us here have been through these emotions and experiences so I hope you will find consolation amongst us.

Cheers to better days!  :o)

Trust me, Rachel, we've all been there!

I just got diagnosed this past October, too! I try not to feel too bad about things, because so far things have been going fairly well. But, when I do, I feel sorry for myself when I look in the mirror and see all of my prick marks from my injections in my stomach and think, "what am I going to do when swimsuit season finally comes? Are people going to be grossed out? Are strangers going to think that I do DRUGS?!?!?". Augh...

Don't worry about your bf, he sounds like he cares about you a lot. My husband, parents, and friends have been my strength an have given me encouragement through everything. My job lets me off work for all of my appointments. I feel like I am spending the same amount of money it takes to buy a brand new car on everything I need, too. But, considering it keeps us alive, a small price to pay.

I feel the same way-- are people getting sick of me talking about it? I mean, my life kinda revolves around it now but am I pushing the subject on others? I wish they would tell me they are sick of it if they are. I found that I talk about it less and less as time goes on, though.

My advice? Try and accept the things we can't change. It sucks, no doubt about that, but it could be much much worse. Hang in there, Cookie! Come to us with any questions or concerns. I am so glad I found this site, it has helped me through some tough times.



We all have those days, especially when our sugars are all over the place. i get more irritated with my sugars and wat im doing wrong rather than at diabetes. i have had it since i was 15 months so its life to me. but it can completely suck. But try not to get too frustrated, it wont help to get frustrated because then u sit not being happy.. then u let it ruin ur day.. i have had that happen and it really doesn't feel good. try to always look at the positive and stay happy.  

Hi Rachel,

    I've been fairly good about not letting diabetes get me down, I basically don't "allow" myself to feel any self-pity.  (I know that sounds stupid, but every time a thought enters my head, I just tell myself "No, there's nothing to feel that bad about, your life could be a lot worse.")  But every once in a while, the little voice is silent.  Those days I go to the local Wal Mart, where there is a young man in a wheelchair, crippled for life from CP, as cheerful as can be.  Then the self-pity goes away.  Or I see a news story on women in Afganistan.  Or the Middle East.  Or China.  I'd rather be a Type 1 diabetic than living in most countries in the world.  Even in this country there are very few people who don't have problems at least this bad!

Still sucks though.


Thanks everyone. I know I could be way worse off! I am usually a super positive person, but it just got me today. Here is to the wonderful day tomorrow will bring!

SoOoOOoOOO I was logging yesterday's "BG's" for my " animas glucose manager" this morning and realized.. I checked my BG's almost every hour yesterday! I did it like 17 times! YIKES! But I was doing basal testings and my dexcom was being OVERLY DRAMATIC so that is why I had so many. I thought to myself, no wonder why I had a bad day yesterday! whew! :)