Tired of Diabetes

Hi my name is Mollie. I have had diabetes for 11 years and im getting really tired of being know as the girl with diabetes in my classes at school. Not all my friends know what diabetes is but they know i have it and know not to fool around with jokes that have to do with diabetes but sometimes i would like them to know what it is and how they can help.

Hello Mollie, (you have a very pretty name, by the way :) )

I know how hard it is to go through school with people that know you have diabetes, but are still ignorant of what it is. Whenever diabetes is mentioned or a classmate sees me checking my blood sugar or giving an injection, I just take a few seconds to explain what is going on. That way they know what is happening and realize that we aren't much different than them except for our pancreas. I have found that people are naturally inquisitive, and while they might not want to ask questions, if you give them the opportunity to ask, they will.

Stay strong!

Education is the most powerful tool!!!  Teach them a thing or two!!!

I know exactly what you mean.  I was always the girl with diabetes too.  I also hate that sometimes I feel like a burden if I get a low sugar level and I need help from someone or have to make the group stop something we are doing.  I used to have a siezure disorder when I was younger and low glucose levels would trigger the seizures.  I actually had a seizure at the rally in high school in front of hundreds of students so you can imagine the rumors that went around after that. 

But I have learned that most people really want to understand it.  Whenever a friend or co worker sees me giving myself an insulin injection they always ask a lot of questions.  I think sometimes people are afraid to ask because they think it might be a sensitive topic or maybe they think you are tired of talking about it so it's good to encourage them to learn about it. 

It is important too for certain people around you to know how to help in case you need their help.  I remember when I moved into the dorms in college the first thing i told my roommate was that I was diabetic.  Of course so she wouldn't freak out if she saw me doing an injection and also so she knew what to do in case of an emergency.  Almost everyone I have met wants to know more and be able to help and if they don't well then maybe they aren't worth your time.

Maybe get your friends involved by doing the bike for a cure or the diabetes walk.

i know how you feel i have had diabetes going on for 6 years in june and thats all im known for at school and at work. but at school im known as the girl that is different from everyone else. im the only one in my family that has diabetes and im the only one out of my friends who has it to. it gets very tiring to have people think of u as different just because u have to test and bolus (or take a shot whichever u do) but i want to find people that understand what im going through and how hard it can be, thats why i decided to join juvenation. but i try to not let it get to me but sometimes it is hard. we just all gotta stick with each other and help keep our heads up and smiles on  :)