Tired of my CGM hanging and i hate adhesives!

I have a CGM and really like it, but i HATE wearing the adhesives over it. The CGM is so small and once i put the adhesive over it, it looks like I just had surgery. I hate this especially in the summer. I get way more questions when its all bandaged. Also the adhesive gets all gross, grey and peels off anyways.. However I need something to keep it from hanging around, getting caught on clothes and furniture. I woud like for it to be flush with my skin. Has anyone found anything that is like a double sided tape that will attach the  "shell" to the skin? I would like to not have to put anything over the CGM. :) Thanks!

What kind of CGM is it?

Kaelyn, I can relate to your issues with peeling adhesive.  I have used both the Medtronic and Dexcom CGMs.  I've been wearing the Dexcom since April 2011, and love its better accuracy, longer sensor duration, and lesser insertion bleeding and discomfort.  In wearing the Dexcom sensors for about 10 days, I note that the adhesive tends to peel starting around day 5 or 6.   I have been using a product called Liquid Bandage to add "glue" back to the skin side of the peeled edges.  It does a great job of holding the edges down.  Liquid Bandage comes in a small bottle, about 1 oz, and is readily available in pharmacies, usually near band aids.  

I stopped using my Medtronic CGM. At first it seemed like I was going to like it, but it would hardly ever be close to what my actual BS would be. Often it would be like 1 hundred or even 2 hundred off. The adhesive strip would not stick very well once I would workout because of the sweat. It would also get in the way when my kiddos would try to hug me. I like the idea of it but I think it needs to be smaller and the adhesive needs to stick better.  

I have used both the Medtronic CGM and the Dexcom Seven Plus.  The Seven Plus is much more accurate.  It is a rare thing that the Seven Plus is "off" compared to blood glucose by more than 30mg/dl.  Given the burden of wearing another device, there needs to be enough accuracy to justify the effort.  For me, the Seven Plus is sufficiently accurate to earn its keep!

I understand that the next generation of both Medtronic and Dexcom CGMs will have big gains in accuracy.  However, from data I saw at ADA, it appears that the Dexcom "Gen 4" device will maintain an accuracy edge.

It sounds like you are using the Medtronic CGM.  The Dexcom Seven Plus has a much larger adhesive clothlike foundation.  In my experience, it stays put with no additional tape for about 1 week.  If  I wear the sensor longer than a week, I typically need to reglue the foundation to my skin around day 8 to 10.  I use a product called Liquid Bandage for that purpose.

I have used Dexcom CGM for 4 years.  The longest I have worn a sensor has been 28 days and accuracy is rarely a problem.  The adhesive on the sensor does not last as long.  At first I just used Nexcare Gentle Paper tape, which I've used to secure my infusion tube, to supplement the CGM adhesive.  It didn't last, lost adhesiveness from daily wear & tear.

I discovered a product from 3M about 2 years ago.  It is called 3M Tegaderm Film 9506W.  the dimension is 4"x43/4" and it fits over the entire sensor.  I know Dexcom does not recommend placing anything over the sensor but this products is transparent.  It is used for large wound dressing at hospitals, clinics, etc.

It comes in a package of 8 but it can only be ordered from 3M and the cost is about $20.

Correction.  The package has 10 pieces, not 8 :)

I was wondering about that because my Dexcom doesn't stay on past a week either, especially with daily showers and workouts.  I was given Tegaderm Film 1624Ws to use but they seem to be too small.  After a few days, they start getting grungy and need to be replaced, but the adhesive pulls off the sensor too.  Are you able to replace the film without pulling off the sensor?  By the way, I found both sizes on Amazon at a much lower price.

I shave the area and use isopropyl alcohol to prep the site.  I only had issues with the CGM sensor peeling the first two times I attacted sensors.  Since then I started shaving and prepping with an alcohol prep pad.  Now it never comes loose.

- James

Hello Kaelyn.

I've used the CGM from Medtronic now for 2+ years and I have to say this; Accuracey is only an issue when your blood sugars are fluctuating dramatically, both high and low I have had differances between my BG and my sensor reading of more than 100 because I couldn't (or wouldn't) be more careful counting carbs. This of course was my fault and have learned that it takes my effort to keep my BG in control rather than depend on some electronic device that is only meant to be a tool to help me control my diabetes. Ihave also noticed differances when starting a new sensor and still have to do the required calibrations. With that being said, Medtronic tells us in the directions that this can, and will, happen and to NOT treat according to sensor readings. BG should be our reason to treat rather than a CGM reading. I do not want to promote one or the other but if your using a MiniMed why would you want to carry another device with you such as the Dexcom's PDA or whatever it is that they want you keep on your person so that your CGM can give you "real-time info"? Plus the Dexcom adheisive patch is so much larger than the CGM from medtronic. (I noticed from your post that you hate adheisives) On the plus side, Dexcom's sensors do have a much longer life span.

Like I said though, I use the cgm from Medtronic and have found it to be invaluable to me in my diabetes management. It gives me "real time info" and if I see any drastic changes in my sensor readings then I can do a BG and treat accordingly. My A1c's have been outstanding for the 2+ yrs that I've been using this device and hope that I can use it for many more years to come :)

If this is the sensor your using and you hate the adheisive patch they give you with it and not having it under that thing makes wearing it a pain, try this; I use a 1"X3" flexible fabric bandage and tape it across the sensor and transmitter to hold it flat against my skin. (Be careful not to stretch the bandaid to much or it will make you skin sore) I hope this works for you.


I'm using a Dexcom G4 CGM.  The adhesive lasts for about a week.  After that I supplement with Opsite Flexifix adhesive.  It lasts for about a week.  For the third week I add more Flexifix.

As for catching on clothes and furniture, that is more about the site you choose.  Putting the CGM sensor higher on my body seemed to help me.  My favorite is my chest.  Some people use the back of their arm.