Tired of stupid holes in my arms and fingures from the shots and pricks

What am i supposed to do

have you tried moving your shots and finger pokes around? there are meters that will let you test from your arms, legs, even toes. that will help give your fingers a break. you can also do shots in your legs, rump, stomach, and love handles (anywhere there's some fatty tissue). if you have a chance to move things around a little bit, your arms and fingers might feel a little less pin-cushiony.

it's hard to not be upset about all the poking and stabbing we have to do. sometimes, when i'm feeling really overwhelmed and frustrated, i will allow myself a little break. i always take my insulin, but i might skip a blood test or two, if i feel okay, to give my fingers a little break. diabetes is constant and we can't get rid of it. it's okay to be angry :o)