i fell like im alone in this junk dr telling me what to do and i look at them like who are you you have no idea what im going thrugh but you stand in face like u have a idea what im going through all my friends r normal but im the 1 with this diease and all the concerts r 4 cancer still havent ceen 1 bout the diease i have i fell like i hit rock bottom nd no1 can save not even my self so imjust so sick nd tired of being annyoend nd fellin like im invisible thats not right god made us all equal but people still treat us differently im talkin like im 30 but im only 16 help a fellow diabetic out yes us teen actually care even when we act like we dont its r way out

thanks for letin me share

devon williams



We all have moments like this. If you peruse some of the other threads (even some of the most recent ones), you'll see you are not alone in your feelings. Most of us have felt tired and alone at some point or another. 

Why don't you tell us a little about yourself? We would be glad to get to know you and help you through your difficult time. How did you get the nickname Luna?