I'm hoping some of you long-timers can help me out. I apologize in advance if this is TMI, but I'm wondering whether this is an urgent issue or not...

Since about 6 months before I was diagnosed with Type 1 (a couple years ago), I noticed the toilets started to get black moldiness in them that keeps coming back. I've googled it, and I see that it's attributed to urine with excess glucose, from people who's diabetes is out of control.

So, I do sometimes have high glucose readings, but then I bolus or take a walk, or drink some water, and it goes down. And, my A1c's have been between 6.0 and 6.8 for the last 24 months. Is my diabetes really out of control? Does anybody else get that black mold?

I asked my endocrinologist about it, because I also occasionally notice that my urine smells kind of strong and looks a little greasy or like there are particles in it. And this has been happening for the past couple years as well. I was supposed to have a microalbumin check with my last labs, but misplaced the paperwork and so they faxed it to the lab- and I ended up only having the A1c. My endo said, well, that's why I needed the microalbumen check, and I'll have to make sure to get that in my next labwork. Which is fine with me- I'm not averse to it- however, like I said, I've noticed the same thing over the past couple years and each time my microalbumen has been fine.

Meh! Anyway, so does anyone else have occasionally smelly, funky urine? Is it necessarily a sign of something out of control?


Interesting post! I haven't noticed anything abnormal about my urine, but I have noticed that I get black moldy buildup like you describe in my toilet really quick and I have to clean my toilet pretty frequently. Although I think that happened even when I was away on vacation for a few weeks despite cleaning the toilet before I left. My A1Cs are good, but I do have above normal blood sugars every day. I don't know about it being caused by other things because I haven't had my other bloodwork checked in over a year. Maybe it is due to excess glucose or something.....I'm curious to know as well!

Hey I've noticed this before!  I used to have to clean my toilet all the time when I was a freshman/sophmore in college.  I never thought to connect the two, but it makes sense since mold and bacteria feed on carbohydrates.