To all the parents out there

To all the parents out there-

Today, I went shopping with my mom.  We had a great time, bought some Christmas gifts, and of course, chatted a good bit.  I was telling her all about Juve (since I've only recently discovered it) and how much it's helping me. And then it hit me- have I ever thanked her? Or my dad?

For sleeping on the horrible "reclining" chairs at the hospital?  For letting me them her with a shot of saline to practice?  For sometimes being able to tell my BS was off even before I could?  For holding my hair back while I threw up when I had ketones?  For putting up with terrible high mood swings?  For calling 911 and holding me while I had two seizures in the middle of the night?  For getting me up for two years at 3am and making me eat so I wouldn't have another one?  For taking on the financial burdens and shielding me from that stress?  For being the ones I still call when I'm high and have ketones and feel like crap?

So I thanked my mom.  Today.  In the car.  Though nothing I could say would ever be enough.

And thanks to all you parents out there.  Your T1 kids may not recognize your sacrifices now, but one day they will.  And they will be so grateful.  Don't worry, it's not guilt I feel.  The D is in no way my fault.  I just so appreciate everything my parents did for me.  They enabled me to be successful in tackling D on my own as an adult.  You all are doing the same thing every day. 

Tomorrow, I'm talking to my dad.

So thanks, Mom and Dad.  Thank you.


Jessica, you completely inspired me to say thank you to all the people I don't say it to nearly often enough. I posted a blog all about it. :o) Thanks for reminding me to say thanks :D


...was your mom speechless? I was pretty choked up just after reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

~ Red (a dad)


I guarantee your thank you was more than enough. I am sitting here crying. I know with Ri being 10 she well doesnt see it all and I am just the mean mom for making her correct this morning. It give me hope one day she will see all I/we do for her and appreciate us for doing so.

I agree--it made me tear up too.  That was amazingly beautiful.  Reminds us how lucky we are. 


That was such a great post!  I, like everyone else, cried when I read it.  I am a mom of a T1.  Let me tell you, we will do anything for our kids!!  And we will always be there.  Your parents are very lucky to have you!!

Thank you for sharing!

I agree, great post! I had never thanked my Mom either (or my Dad, but my Mom was my main caretaker, health-wise). After joining Juvenation, I did thank her in her 60t b-day card last year. It made me look at things from the parent's perspective. I also think becoming a Mom myself has shown me how much work we put in for little thanks. It's all worth, but even better to feel appreciated!

Big tears from me!!!

Thanks for making me cry too!!  I can see that post from my own daughter 20 years from now.  Thanks for showing me that day will come.

Aww, crap.  I'm crying too.  Beautiful.

Thanks Jessi! When I was in my early 20s I noticed my parents were much more intelligent than when  I was a kid or a teen. They kept getting more intelligent as I grew older. Have any of you noticed that about your parents? lol! Now they are both gone and I miss them so much....and yes, I did thank them many times, but only after I was old enough to realize what they had done for me

This is a good discussion!!!.

That is sweet to Thank her but I have only been a diabetic for 2yrs and never experienced any of the things you posted how long after having diabetes was the first time you experienced this?

[quote user="Amy"]

That is sweet to Thank her but I have only been a diabetic for 2yrs and never experienced any of the things you posted how long after having diabetes was the first time you experienced this?



Are you talking about the seizures?  If so, I had three seizures on three separate occasions during the middle of the night in 5th or 6th grade (a little fuzzy on the details).  This would have been about 2-3 years after being diagnosed.  The seizures were caused by my blood sugar dropping super low.  These were my pre-pump days, and my long-acting insulin was causing the problem.  They didn't stick pumps on kids back then like they do today.

Anyways, to prevent further seizures, my mom got me up every night to check my bs and make me eat something.  I'm sure I was a monster to deal with at 3am. ;)

I got the pump when I was 14, and have not had another seizure since.  And I'm glad, Amy, that you have never experienced this, though I think it was more traumatic for my parents and for me.  Also traumatic for some family friends who volunteered at church camp--I had a seizure there!

Anyways, I hope this helps your peace of mind, Amy.

Also, thanks everyone for your positive response to my post.  I really wasn't trying to make anyone cry, I promise!  :)

Wow I stared crying when I read this your right our parents do so much for us everyday .Like today I had a huge fight with my dad over diabetes because im not taking care of myself and but they only do it because they care and are worried . But wow I bet your mom was speachless

And I meant the seizures were more traumatic for my parents THAN for me.  Geez, I thought I proofread this thing!

I agree.  I could never say thank you enough.

As a mom of a 7 year old that was dx last year your post made me cry and smile.  I will never know what my daughter really feels, but understand how it is to be the mom trying to keep it all together.  Reading your post I can see not only did your family help keep your diabetes under control, but they raised a caring and thoughtfull daughter.