To Boston For Joslin

I’m on my way to Boston for the meeting of Joslin 50-Year Medalists at Joslin Diabetes Center. Indications are there will be more than 100 of us (I’m one). So that means we will have well over 5,000 years of T1 experience in one large room. It’s only been 90 years since insulin was first used, and if it weren’t for that, all of us 100 would have been dead at least 50 years ago. While there, I’m also scheduled for exams with ophthalmologist Jennifer Sun, MD, and with endo and insulin pump specialist Howard Wolpert, MD, as well as two dinners and one special event that I won’t talk about until after they have happened. If you need more explanation, please contact me.

Tom Beatson

dx 12/7/1942

Congratulations!  That is such an honor and I hope you have a great time.  

As a child I loved diabetic summer camp because it helped me see I wasn't the only kid with diabetes. The Joslin event will be great in the same way, to be in a room of people who have all lived well with diabetes for over 50 years!


 Congratulations on 50 years!! I hope to one day (45years) to join the group. Since I have never met another type 1 in person, I can't imagine a room full of type 1's that have had diabetes for 50 years Yes, insulin has been a God send for the Diabetics...have fun. Let us know what you thought of the event.


Tom and I sat together at the Joslin meet-up. Tom is a very nice fellow, and I enjoyed chatting with him. The meeting was very enjoyable, and much interesting information was given about the Medalist Study update. It is an every two year affair, so I will probably go again in 2013.

You have to tell us more!  What information stood out the most in the study?  Is there a certain type of person, or certain lifestyle that you think leads to being healthy diabetics so long?  Have most people who've had D so long made peace with it?  

Thanks for anything you'd like to share.  

Jenn, I am going to prepare a blog of sorts to present the information that Tom and I learned. I thought I would wait for the group picture (about 120 medalists were there), before I posted. Tom may have his own report as well.

It seems to me that the previous group pictures were pretty slow in getting distributed. Maybe you should ask Sara or Stephanie when they expect the picture.

On Thursday June 2, in the Pediatrics Section of the Joslin Clinic, I unveiled the Eleanor Chesterman Beatson Child Life Care Ambassador Program, named to honor my Mother, because it seems to me that what my Mother did for me was quite similar to what Dr. Lori Laffel wants her care ambassadors to be doing for the community. Unfortunately, Dr. Laffel was not able to attend the unveiling, but we got together for dinner Saturday evening, so we could compare our recollections of the home town that we have in common, New Rochelle, NY.

Tom! I saw you on Kerri's video she posted today. I saw you and immediately thought, "Hey, I know that guy!! ...kind of..."  :)  Thank you for simply being - because that is what inspires me most. That we can "be" for so long with this disease, and be healthy too.

Congratulations Tom.  That is a really neat way to honor your mother!  

And thanks Richard for working on the blog.  As you can tell I'm excited to hear all about both of your experiences at the event.  

@ Kim. Where was Kerri's video posted?

On her website: :)

Kerri spoke to me at the meet-up, but I did not realize it was her. She was very charming, and polite. Then I saw her video and now I know it was Kerri. I sent her a message on Facebook and apologized for not knowing her. Here is her video: