To pump or not to pump...that is the question

I have the option of getting a pump...and I am almost 100% certain its what I want, but I'm interested in hearing what other people think of the pump vs daily injections (lantus & novo rapid). I know the basic information, but I don't know if its what I want for sure. The waiting list at my hospital is really short right thats nice if I decide I would like to through with it.


Note: I'm not asking for people to tell me that I should or shouldn't get the pump...I would just like to hear people's opinions on the changes and how they feel about it. I've heard a couple opinions from people, but they've pretty much sounded the same.

I'm currently on the pump...for now. Mid-January is my 90-day money back point, where I have to choose if I'll stick with it or not. At the moment, I'm 99.9% sure I will go back to injections.

I was taking injections for 16years before I decided to try the pump; Lantus and Novorapid for only about 4 of those years. My control with the pump vs injections is so minor in difference, that the frustration of the pump I've experienced is hardly worth it. Even my endo has commented that only my post-meal numbers seem to be slightly better. Before I was between 8-12mmol/l and now I'm 8-10mmol/L.

I was told the pump makes life easier..for me, it's made life harder. I've written about it in a blog: if you wanna take a look..there's just way to much for me to go into detail about on here!

I'm waiting to see what my A1C results are after almost three months on the pump in two weeks, and that will be my deciding factor. If it hasn't gone down a significant amount, I'll be returning the pump.

My view of the pump is what it was works for some people, but it's not for me. At least now though, when people tell me I SHOULD be on the pump, I can tell them I gave it a shot (haha).

Hi Batts-neat dream you had in your blog.I wanted to ask if your doctor has put in much thought on your keeping the pump or going back on MDI ?

I was on injections for 52 years when my endo encouraged me to try a pump. I started on the pump 14 years ago. During the many years when I was on injections, I lost track of how many times I was taken to the ER for treatment of severe hypoglycemia, i.e., there were very many such occasions. Now here's the important part: In the 14 years using pumps, there has not been a single occasion when I was taken to the ER for severe hypoglycemia. The pumps have really made a big difference in my level of control. You have my best wishes as you make your decision!



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Hi Batts-neat dream you had in your blog.I wanted to ask if your doctor has put in much thought on your keeping the pump or going back on MDI ?


he didn't give me much input other than that my numbers are slightly better after meals, but no real improvement for before. i dont think he'll care if i go back to MDI cuz its obviously not working for me. i donno i'll be asking what he thinks, but when i said i didnt think i wanted to stay on it, he said 'well if it's not improving and you're not liking it, then we can just go back to figuring out shots"

being on the pump has made me go from having 3+ lows/day to having maybe 3 a month. And the lows are higher, and i'm less unaware. Also, i can eat a piece of fruit without it being a big deal at all. I love my pump.

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being on the pump has made me go from having 3+ lows/day to having maybe 3 a month. And the lows are higher, and i'm less unaware. Also, i can eat a piece of fruit without it being a big deal at all. I love my pump.


know what's weird? i have more lows now and more extreme highs now that i'm on the pump...than when i was on shots.

I went on the pump with a lot of uncertainty after 9 years of injections.  I have been very happy mainly because I don't have to give shots -- no more pain when the Lantus is injected.  And I never used to snack because I didn't want to give another shot, but now if I want a piece of fruit in the afternoon, I just push a few buttons and I'm done.  It's not all easy with the pump.  I do hate pump changes and I have had some malfunctions (occlusions and dying batteries once).  But overall, it has made my life a lot easier.

And if you try the pump and don't like it, you can always go back to shots!

honestly it took me a year to decide if i wante to go on the pump and when i finally did decide i dont think i'd go back. i chose the pump. and im not one for shots either, i'd skip them cuz my stomach was sore and i wasnt able to put them in my arms. and i wasn't allowed to put them in my legs. then my a1c would rise. never once have a been below 8.5 since i've been diabetic until i went on the pump. i dropped almost 2 points in the first month. my blood sugars are always in range unless i dont take enough during a meal or sometimes i just snack all day. but thats my fault not the pumps. i get low occasionaly more than i used to. but thats only because since there's always insulin being put into my body when im at work running around it affects my sugars and i get low.  i love the pump and i wouldn't ever go back i bet you would too my only issues are site changes because i dont like being the one who has to push the button to get everything settled. but i wouldnt go back. my family doesnt take very good care of themselves and my grandfather just passed away and had his leg amputated before. and if being on the pump will make my life last longer, and postpone my loss of limbs. im there

its a big step but youll love it if you use it. but i guess its opinion based if you like shots you might not like the pump cuz it can be an annoyance if you hate shots youll wish you learned about the pump sooner.

best of luck keep us posted! liz!

I was on injections for 14 years before I switched to the pump. I was extremely skeptical, because the people I did know that had a pump loved it, but the pump wasn't talked about much in my area.

The one thing I noticed after switching to the pump is I have more energy. With injections, I would experience high and low energy throughout my day, for some reason. Now, it seems that my energy doesn't have the roller-coaster effect I used to experience. That has made it a very worth-while decision I have made. I just feel...good.

Good luck with your decision. Whichever way you decide to go, know that all of us will be here to support you with your next big decision.

if you are intesrested in a pump i highly recommend the omni pod although its very expensive its sooo werth it and if you go to there website and sign up they send u a free pod to try on and see how you like it and how it fits ur life stlye

i love my pump it is the best thing in the world, but the only thing i have to complain about is that if you leave the site in too long it can get swollen and infected and you might have to get it drained (not fun)

Pump all the way. Please do yourself a giant favor and get one asap. I didn't want to go on it at first because of the tubing, so as soon as i found out about the omnipod, i was sold.

I was dead set on getting a pump when I was first diagnosed in July of this year...but after talking to my educator and endo and other people, so far I am so glad I did it! But keep in mind I have only been on my pump since Friday, but of course I hated it this morning when I realized i disconnected it in the middle of the night! :( No fun!!! I didn't even really look into others I just went with the one touch ping...but I love it so far!!! :)

I love the freedom that comes with a pump. i have one and so does my 5 year old. you could not pay me to go back to daily injections for myself or my daughter.  I like being able to decide whether or not i want to eat something and not have to worry about bringing an injection with me. They are life changing, in my opinion.

So I am going to get the pump! My dad emailed a nurse that we talked about the pump with requesting I be put on the list.... haven't got a response back, but I'm really excited!

Thank you to everyone who posted! Your opinions have been very valuable to me!

Good luck, Alex.  I hope you enjoy your pump as much as I have enjoyed mine!!

My life really changed for the better with the pump. I was having so many lows  then highs and it was driving me crazy not to mention I always bruised everytime I had an injection. This has made my life more close to normal and I thought I was never going to be normal again. I love it and would recommend it highly. I am using the minimed with cgm.

you should definatly get a pump it was the best desicion i ever made. but i would not recomend minimed. sites are terrible and the pump breaks very easily

I am mixed on a pump.  While I like the idea, I am against it at this time for two reasons. One is that I am good at what I am doing now. By this I mean that my numbers are all good and I do a good job of testing and taking my insulin.  I am very comfortable with my routine now and I am afraid to have to learn how to deal with a pump.  The other reason is that I am pretty active both in and out of work and fear having the pump broken/ripped off.  I work in a prison and sometimes have to wrestle with inmates.  I am also on the Disturbance Control Team and sometimes in training it can get pretty physical.  Also, I try to be active by working out, playing basketball, and occassionally grappling.