To test or not to test:-)

Do you all test in public?  I recently started and a friend (not a close friend) was FREAKING about the blood and how I'd give everyone diseases.  I did it on my lap, not on the table.  But what is the proper etiquette? 

I test in public. If I know that someone around me has issues then I won't do it in front of them, but it's part of my life.


I test in public.  I store my used strips in the case I carry until I get home and empty them.  For me, testing is too important.  I appreciate that some folks may be uncomfortable but if I have to choose between my health and their company, I will try to find a way to fill the open chair.

I am sure that there are a number of fair and reasonable compromises and I expect some of the folks here will offer a number that I, too, will be anxious to see.  That sort of social propriety has never been my greatest strength, I’m afraid...



We encourage our son to test in public and always have.  At school, he tests on his own - usually with a teacher nearby - and his classmates are all cool with it.  

A-D, that is a great line and one that I am likely to adopt and paraphrase, that given the choice between my son's health and someone's company I'll find someone to fill the chair.

I feel the same way about breastfeeding, that mothers should be free to use them what they're made for without having to be relegated to some slimy washroom to nurture their child.

As a culture I often feel that we North Americans have it all wrong when it comes to priorities, things we should be ashamed of and the kinds of things that we are proud of...

Test!  If they don't like it, they don't have to watch! :)

Oh, I absolutely test in public! Usually on my lap, just because it's easier. I'm not about to waste my time running back and forth to the bathroom because someone else has a poor understanding of the situation...

If you want advice on what to say to people like your friend... I'd tell them that they're not going to catch anything, it's not an issue, and if they want to learn more about it, they should check out the American Diabetes Association website at

The more matter-of-factly you treat it, the more accepting they're likely to be. :)

I do it whe n I need to. I go into the bathroom to do it most of the time for privacy doing it because I dont like being asked questions and I always go hide when having a shot at a restaurant. i probably do it that way because I`ve only been diagnosed a couple months ago

Test in public!  I test absolutely everywhere... my personal favorite is on the MetroRail since people try to discretely look but you can always tell who's watching, LOL.  I don't do it on purpose, but sometimes you just have to test at random places since your health is the most important thing... and I personally hate the thought of having to go to dirty bathrooms for the convenience of others. 

I encourage my daughter to do it in public, but if she wants to be discreet, I support that too.  I feel the more people see it, the more it is out there!

She is not embarassed at all, even in giving herself a shot right at the table in a restaurant.  I'm more likely to crouch down and hide while I draw it up in the needle, but really I shouldn't even hide that.  I haven't seen any horrified faces yet, so I figure she has nothing to be ashamed or embarassed of.  It seems to me my daughter is quite proud of her Diabetes and wants people to see!

i used to do the run to the bathroom thing, it was friggin' annoying. it was worse when i was on dates. it was my thing i got totally self concious because i heard about a lady who was i guess taking a shot in a restaurant and someone freaked out about it. now im like i dont care anymore im just going to test.

I test in public.

Its your problem, not theres. Just tell them that they don't have anything to worry about.


I test in public.  I've done it most of my life.  I didn't have a problem "shooting up" in public either.

Now, I even change my pod in public.  Hey, if it needs to be done, it needs to be done.

I test in public... usually on my lap just because it's easier, however it depends where I am or what I'm doing.

I'll do my injections in public too. It's too difficult and bothersome to go to the bathroom. Especially in a college cafeteria. I get my food, sit down and inject right there. Usually in my stomach because it's more discreet.

Twice I gave my Lantus in the middle of a concert. No one cared... they were watching the band! lol

Absolutely.  I've made a lot of type 2 diabetic friends while testing in public.  I did on the airplane the other day, and for the entire flight I had someone to talk to after he asked "which type I was".

I can't wait until I make a type 1 diabetic friend because of public testing.

you know i never thought about that.

I always test in public! If we're at a nice restaurant, I'll test in the car beforehand if possible, but usually I'll just do it discreetly in my lap. If I'm with people who don't know I'm diabetic, I usually explain to them what I'm going to do so if they have a serious issue  with blood, they can let me know and I'll go somewhere else to do it.

Last year a friend of mine that I sit with at lunch had it, too, and we would have competitions to see who could go the longest without going out of range. I do the same with my grandpa when we visit him!

see this is why i loved going to diabetes camp, everyone had to deal with it. 

I test and give my insulin where ever I need to. If the cost of my health is a pin prick where ever i need to, I am doing it. If it so offends your friend, tell them to look the other way.


Since my daughter's diagnosis, we have always tested in public (and same with injections).  It is simply part of our "normal".  When she was young I nursed her in public.  Recently, we were on a trip to Hawaii...on that trip, we met a beautiful young woman from the mid-west (she had her pump removed to swim-my daughter looked at her and said "you are a Type am I!..I wanted to go snorkeling and scuba diving, we were on a tour boat and my daughter (she is 8) was feeling uneasy about me going - (because she worried if she went low no one would be able to help her) as we were talking -  I was checking her blood...turns out a man and woman (just married-from Texas), said not to worry, because he was a Type 1 and they would take turns with me to snorkel and scuba!  That same trip a mother was upset with her little boy, because he had eaten a candy bar and did not tell her (she used a voice that could have been mine), I looked at her and said Is he a Type 1?  In less than 1 week we met 3 incredible Type 1's from all over the US!  What a wonderful trip...if any of them or my daughter would not have been doing what Type 1's do...we would have missed the opportunity to meet each other.  I was most grateful for the couple on the boat...I could snorkel and scuba with a little more ease (otherwise, I am not sure that I would have gone...)

We are respectful of those that feel uncomfortable.....they are welcomed to turn away.  For the most part I am not sure how many people really notice?


Greta Parker


I test in public. Most everyone is cool with it! Like you all said before, it is my health--and if my health is bothersome to someone, then they do not have to look. I used to give shots in public, but now I am on the pump..I can't say that I have changed my sites in public before, though...I don't think I've ever had to, but I am sure I would if the occasion should arise.