To test or not to test:-)

I have always tested in public...i have also had friends that were freaked out by it.  They usually just didn't look but I also always tested in my lap or to the side of me where they couldn't see it unless they were trying to see it.  Friends that aren't super close usually have a harder time understanding or accepting, but things often get better.  Especially if they are planning are sticking around.  Just don't ever let people discourage you from taking care of yourself.

We test where ever we are.   I've never had anyone say anything to me. 

It was a lot worse in the days when we'd pull out a syringe and give a shot in public.  ;-) 

If I refused to test in public that would probably lead to disaster! When I'm around people and not sure how they react to blood I warn them before hand and tell them that if blood really bothers them they can walk away until I am done. Most people don't even notice cuz it's such a quick thing to do.

Don't be afraid to test in public. It shows (publicly) that you take good care of yourself.

I test in public but, I always do it in my lap. I have tested on the subway, in the middle of a club, at the gym, just about anywhere. If people have a problem that is well, their problem. If they think the are gonna get a disease they are just ignorant.

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Absolutely.  I've made a lot of type 2 diabetic friends while testing in public.  I did on the airplane the other day, and for the entire flight I had someone to talk to after he asked "which type I was".

I can't wait until I make a type 1 diabetic friend because of public testing.


This is kind of off-topic, but relates to Mad Evans's post :)
I was in gym class a few weeks ago and we had a substitute teacher. I don't take my pump off for gym; it's a 70 minute class, so I feel both safer keeping it with me as well as more comfortable about getting my insulin (and not having to worry about replacing 50% of the basal you didn't get.... yada yada). It was tucked in my sweat pants pocket pretty good; but the tube is a pretty generic symbol. But only for the trained eye :)
While we were doing some weight lifting, the sub came up: "So what pump do you have?"
It was great! We talked on and on for the next 70 minutes, and for the rest of the week. She was type 1 diabetic too and she had a pump. This was a pretty big accomplishment for me seeing as I pretty much stink at being social. It was exciting. I was telling someone about that the other day; it feels like we're spies or something :) You know: 'the bird flies at midnight...' and you're in. Or rather: 'the pump flies when infusion set is ripped off'. Voila!



To me,  in-person interaction is irreplaceable.  I am really glad you are getting some more chances to get more comfortable in that area!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the online interactions, too (some of you may have noticed – I do like to write, LOL) but there are some things that require another live person and eye contact….


Great story, wonderful news and you are awesome!






What a great bunch of posts!!

I can honestly say I have never in my whole 19 years of having Diabetes tested in a public place!! Oh maybe when I was a little kid with my mum or something but far out I dont think there's been 1 post for the negative!! I sort of feel a little silly now, like, why not? Whats the problem?? Hmm I think its time to change that!!

Greta Parker that was such a good story how handy to have someone to help just in case!!

I used to always test in the bathroom, but I find that so many public bathrooms are super dirty and gross!  And it never seems like there is enough room anywhere to put all your stuff!  So I stopped doing that pretty quick and just do it in public all the time now.   I am pretty discrete with the shots, its pretty easy to hide under the table when out for dinner and stuff.  I always feel like people are watching me though, even though when I look around after no one really noticed.  Anyone else feel like that sometimes?

I definitely test in public, and I give myself shots in public too!  For my friends and family, testing my sugars or giving myself a shot in front of them is no big deal, but it must be strange for those people who don't have any diabetic friends or family members.  I also think that it is a great time to educate others on what T1 diabetes is and what being a diabetic is all about!

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Do you all test in public?  I recently started and a friend (not a close friend) was FREAKING about the blood and how I'd give everyone diseases.  I did it on my lap, not on the table.  But what is the proper etiquette? 



public is ok, just be discrete.  & sorry but you should tell your friend that while there will someday be a cure for diabetes, there will never be a cure for her ignorance =)

I do it in public cause its something that i will have for the rest of my life and i got to do it

I really do not like testing in public, not for my sake but for others. Usually what I do, since I have ultralink meter and other random thigs I carry with me. Anyway, I keep them all in a Nike Sport Bag and keep it with me at all times. When I need to test, I just test myself in the bag so to sepak.

I always test or take insulin wherever I am.  I have heard of individuals who inject insulin in public restaurants having difficulty being accused of doing drugs.  Regardless, I let the people I am with know what I am about to do and allow them to look away if they want.  No one has ever been concerned about transmitting diseases, but I am always ready to tell them the Americans with Disabilities Act and Bloodborne Pathogen Act defend my right to test and the cleanliness of it.  My personal slogan is that you would never ask someone in a wheelchair to move because the sight of the chair makes you uncomfortable, so why should any other disability be treated differently?

I am Canadian and therefore not familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act, not the Bloodborne Pathogen Act.  However, your post leads me to want to do some "Googling" this weekend!  As far as the wheelchair slogan, I love it and may just adopt it for my own, if that's okay with you!

You gotta do what you gotta do. That's my philosophy. I was in barnes and noble yesterday to pick up the book calorie king and I felt that I was low so I tested, people stared. But, it's my life and I have to do it.

Damn right I test in public. I inject in public as well, although if I'm not in a group of friends or if I know that someone's uncomfortable, I'll use a rest room.

Imma little shy to do it in public but do it anyways. Its who i am and i dont hide it! :)

Anytime, anywhere. On the bus, in class, in a restaurant, in the shopping mall, at the grocery store. I've had a couple of complete strangers walk up to me and ask what my blood sugar is. I once was testing in a restaurant and the manager walked up to watch me; turns out he and his employees are big supporters of JDRF and I was able to get him to buy tickets to the Promise Ball (JDRF fundraising gala held every year in my city.)

Yup, I test in public.