To those who are friends of Crochet Nut, I am deleting this profile

I am deleting my profile after failing to find a way to safeguard my privacy.

I wanted to let those who are my friends know, just in case they thought I deleted them. I'm not sure if this will get out after I delete my profile; I hope it does.

I am coming back as soon as I figure out how to keep vultures away.

Thank you for being wonderful.


Crochet Nut/Kneazle Lady

will miss you Crochet Nut , Come back soon...

Well, even more ridiculous is that I can't figure out how to delete my profile. In the meanwhile, I am trying to remove as much as I can. This whole situation offends my soul.

Sorry to see you go, CN.  :(

Crochet Nut,

I hate to see you leave and I am much looking forward to your return, I hope it is soon.

Until again,