Today I go to one injection per day!

I’m so excited! I’m at the Endocrinologist now and I’m going to be coming off of the pump and switching to one-daily Tresiba for my long-acting and Afrezza inhalable insulin for my fast-acting. I’ve been dabbling with the Afrezza while on the pump instead of giving a bolus from the pump, and it is so cool!

Today I need my doctor to tell me how much Tresiba to take daily, prescribe pen needles, and send in a new Afrezza prescription. The MannKind Cares team helped me get insurance approval AND a copay card so it is only $15 per month.

I’m worried there will be roadblocks or delays, but if he is on board we should be good to go!! :laughing::+1::+1: It’s exciting times!


This is great news!!! Your body may need a little time to adjust to the change and I hope if there are roadblocks they are small. Good luck for all to go well.:+1::+1::+1:

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