Today is my diabetes anniversary!

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. I am so thankful for my incredible group of supporters, the amazing advancements in medicine and for a disease that gives ME the power to live. It has not been easy and there will be many tough times ahead but I am optimistic and today, I feel truly blessed!!!!

Happy diabetes anniversary Jackie! It is so nice having u here.

Happy D-versary Jackie !!!!

happy d-versary. glad to see you've turned it into something positive :o)

Great attitude!! It's so awesome to see that you are not letting diabetes bring you down. I wish you many more happy and healthy years as a diabetic!

Happy Anniversary Jackie!!!

Happy Anniversary! Your positive attitude is inspiring! Keep it up!

Hey! That's the day I was diagnosed too! But mine was a year ago. It's crazy to think how much has changed.

Your attitude is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Years - Congratulations - not on the diagnosis but on the continued optimism, bravery, control, lessons learned, fighting spirit, and class that is shown everyday regardless of how the body feels.

 They should give a medal out - maybe a purple finger or the insulin medal of honor.

Celebrate by having a piece of cake or candy or ice cream (but remember to bolus for it). Smile - you have crossed out another year LOL.


Thank you all!!!!!  The amazing support I receive from everyone on here is a huge part of what keeps me positive!  You all are the best!

Well, happy anniversary to you, Audra!!!  I think if we have to manage a disease 365 days a year then we deserve a day once a year  to celebrate our hard work!  I like to think of it as an another birthday!  I mean it was a life altering day, right?


How has it been adjusting the past two years?