Toddler getting Pump

Hi My son has had diabetes since he was 15 months old and he is turning 3 this week and we are just about to get a pump I was wondering where some of you with toddlers put the pump.  Do you use one of the pouches that strap around the waist?  or a pump clip?  We are excited but a little worried about where it will go along with the tubing.

Awww! i was diagnosed two days before i was 15 Months old!! :) i'm not sure where you would put it, but i have an animas ping, and i know you can lock the pump, so he wouldn't be able to accidentally press anything! 

I buy these really cool pump beltpouches for his. He is VERY active also. He sleeps with it on at times too. Its a huge help and cheap too. Hes big into Tony Hawk, so we emailed her pics and she even made custom ones for him....nice belt clip....

At times it is better than the clip that comes with the pump. I have never asked her to make a window for the face of the pump, but it would be super easy to do.

Do you want me to send you a pic of his fav one? I think we usually pay around 9 or 10 bucks for them. Very nice to have for the seasons, holidays...tons of patterns and like I said, she has customized them for him too.

"his" being my son  :)  Sorry about that. I left that part out and he is 9.


 When I was 3 I got the pump as well! I think that the pouches are the best idea and as for an injection site, I put it im my but back then. It hurts a lot less and because you'll probably be changing his site for now, reaching it wont be a problem for him.

Hope this Helps!


My daughter was 3 when she got her pump and skinny as a rail. I have ordered pouches from several places but personally like  They custom make the pouches to her waist size so I am not always reminding her to pull it up.  There are many other places that do a great job I just prefer Angel Bear for the prices and how quick we get them in the mail. Usually within a week we have it. courtney just tucks any tubing that happens to show into her pants or undies. She actually loves wearing dresses so many times she tucks it in her tights.

Yes well, i am 11 and i still have not gotten the pump my doctor said is my bs does not levle out i might not be getting one for a while......................