Although not as pressing as non-compliant teens and I really have nothing to complain about at all...but do your type one toddlers pee a lot more?  Do they wet the bed through night pull-ups, clothes, sheets, and all?  Do you have to do bedclothes laundry every day or so?  Colby has been day time potty trained for a while but I did not feel he was ready for night time yet.  And now, it is just piles of icky smelling pee stuff and I think it has to do with him being type one.  Any thoughts?

Kai is 3 ( almost ) and fully trained day and night. Before he was diagnosed I had PILES AND PILES of laundry. Kai was bedwetting twice a night and sometimes in the day too.

I dont find that he pee's more now that he is diagnosed and on insulin. He did bed wet the other night for the 1st time in about 3 or 4 weeks and I think that was b/c he went to bed quite high. ( kind of like was he was doing before diagnosis )

But overall he doesnt and I find that he actually can hold onto his wee much better now than before.

Ethan will still have a accident if I do not wake him and take him to the bathroom if his sugar in the middle of the night is over 200. Are you doing night checks? If his #'s are hi after you fix him try taking him potty, if he will go back to sleep for you. he is older, but is such a hard sleeper, so he will usually not wake up to go on his own. Maybe that will help. Good kuck.