Toes and feet burning badly at night

I have had type 1 diabetes for almost 10 years and ever since I have been complaining of discomfort and and burning at my toes occasionally. Sometimes at nights it is intense especially when the blood sugar is within normal range. Those nerves seem to hate normal blood sugar and very high blood sugar. What works for this condition? Should I try anything?


hi @sarah12345 Neuropathy is a form of autoimmune attack of the nervous system. I urge you to mention this to your doctor. If you have already, I am sorry to mention it.

I’ve used this and it is pretty good for temporary relief:

I told my doctor and they examine my feet with some instruments and it was normal. They told me it is Just nerve irritation. The pain goes away when I bolus little more insulin even at nights. My doses have always been smaller than most of people with type 1. Normally I take 3 units for dinner then the pain starts, even if my blood sugar level is okay. So now I eat little more and take 6 units. It works, the pain is gone.

Thanks. I will try it.

How come no type 1 diabetic has experience feet burning at all- Soon after diagnosis or occasionally? Unbelievable for me. I knew type 1 diabetes and feet burning along with it.
I don’t remember I had any feet burning before my diagnosis.

Hi Sarah @sarah12345, I’m sorry to hear that you are bothered by burnubg feet at night - I too have had “this problem” from time-to-time during my many years living with diabetes. I have found that just getting out of bed and standing for a few minutes can help - I also walk into the bathroom and let the cooler tile comfort my feet. I’ve also found that this burning may happen both with elevated glucose level, and with in-range glucose levels. This sensation you have IS VERY REAL - it is one of the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy and more than a little nerve irritation. The important thing that your doctor probably found examining you with those instruments, is that you have good blood-flow in your extremities - very important.

Diabetes, TypeOne at any rate, has many, many symptoms - luckily none of us experience ALL symptoms - I’ve experienced many, but certainly not all.

Hi @sarah12345. A while back there was a post about leg cramps Leg cramps?. It’s a bit off topic but check out out - some of the suggestions there may help.

Sarah, sounsa like Neuropathy, here is how I handle it, and yes my Docs know and after I explained it to them they are OK with my remedy. Here goes. our brain only works on sugar, that is the brain’s only fuel. If my BS is less than 120 I get pains in my hands and feet. Once I figured out where my comfort limit was (no Pain) then it was easy, When I feel the pain coming on, I boost my BS, usually with juice. Test your BS when the pain n your feet start to find out where you level is, it’s probably less than 120 if the pain always hits at the same BS level, boost your BS a bit and see if that relieves the pain, you just need to boost it a little, just to get out of that range., As I said before My docs don’t have a problem with my method. let me know, bye and stay safe. Jan PS: I don’t have to take any drugs to fix the problem. PS: Lyrica raises the BS and it is used for neuropathy, Please remember the BS scale may not ne good for everyone. I run 140+ and don’t have any problems, have been doing this for 66 years so far so good.

Sarah, sorry I forgot to tell you a very important piece of info. when your brain needs fuel and it can’t find it in your blood the brain will steal Glucose from your P. Nerves as they are gloved in glucose, that’s why when your brain needs glucose and can’t find it by stealing glucose from your nerves they are now lacking protection as if they are exposed because the glucose is gone. That’s a simplified version but you get the idea. Stay safe Bye Jan

What’s the “P”? Thanks.

I’ve been taking 2 supplements to help with peripheral neuropathy for some years now. Evening Primrose OIl helps, but works much better if you also take Alpha Lipoic Acid.

I also want to make a minor correction. GLucose is not the ONLY fuel for our brains and nerves. The secondary source is ketones, which is important for those on low carb diets, since the ketones (NOT ktoacidosis by the way, much smaller amount) created by burning fat can then supply nutriton for the brain and nervous system. WIthout that factor low carb dieting would be impossible.

I am glad that works for you, usually if I have a neuropathy problem , my BS is below 120, I find by raising my BS the relief is almost immediately. Latest recommendations for those of us that are older is to run a higher BS. I realize all of us are very different and what works for one may not work for another, I am glad they are different ways to solve a problem, as I said before I’ve had this disease for 66 years and my body never read the book, so I do what works for me and try to avoid the Rx’s if possible. I appreciate your opinion, the more options we have the better. Stay safe, Bye Jan

“P” stands for Peripheral nerves, sorry I didn’t explain before. fingers and toes mainly. Pretend that your hands are wearing gloves to protect them, but along comes the brain and it dissolves the gloves, so your nerves are exposed. That’s the easy explanation, works for me. Bye Stay Safe Jan

Thanks @JaniceD. You have me flashbacks to when I needed for canals so that will be my reference. Thanks again, and stay well.