Toes pain

Hello everyone,

Right now my toes are paining me and my blood sugar was 245 an hour ago.

from time to time, I have some pain there since the year I was diagnosed in.

is this normal for type 1 people?

I was diagnosed 3 years back and my hba1c has always been mostly between 7.7 and 7.

when did your toes pain you for the first time?

Hi @sarah12345,

I never really experience much pain, but from time to time the toes on my left foot feel numb. This has probably been going on for the past year or so. I have had diabetes for 13 years this past November and I am not sure if it is the beginning of Neuropathy or not, I haven’t had it checked by a Neurologist.

I would think the best person to ask is your podiatrist if you have one or your primary or endo. The best thing you can do to help yourself is to keep your blood sugars as close to normal as possible i’d say.

In winter since I was a teenager (about 15 years) I have experienced toe pain. It goes away in the summer. Right now I am in the long process of recovering from tendon repair surgery in my left ankle. It is gradually reducing over time, but my left foot feels like it has a pocket of fluid surrounding it (edema and possibly inflammation). I would say the toes on my left foot are colder (take longer to change temperature) and hurt more than my right foot. I have also always had very sweaty feet. My A1c results are also usually between 7.1 and 7.8. My endocrinologist has done various tests on my feet (the random poking test, tuning fork and checking pulses) and she says there is no reason to think I have neuropathy. Massage helps. Soaking your feet in warm (not too hot) water. Making sure your shoes are not tight or binding and making sure you’re not on your feet too long.
I seem to remember being told that retinopathy (checked by an opthamologist) tends to occur before neuropathy.