Too excited!

I thought I might be pregnant because I have just been feeling "different" recently. I have been getting a few lows lately and have just been tired..I just attributed it to the cold Minnesota weather that we have been having. Sore breasts....but just thought it was because I will be getting my period soon. Strange feeling in my lower abdomen (noting bad or painful....just 'different')...again, just attributed it to my shoud-be upcoming period. Every once in a while, I get a quick 2-second wave of nausea and then it's gone. My sense of smell lately makes me feel like a blood hound too...hmmm....I couldn't stand it anymore and I was sick of wondering, so I tested......and.....








I am sooo happy! I can't wait until my husband gets home to tell him!! I'm not going to get my hopes up too high, just in case, but I am so excited, anxious, and happy! I go in to see my physician for my regular physical this Friday and I can't wait to tell her too! I have been praying and wishing on this, someone is looking out for us!

Just wanted to share my good news; best wishes to all of you mommies out there....hopefully I will join the club soon in 9 months!!



So very happy for you!! Congratulations!  I'm new to this as well. I'm only 8 weeks pregnant. We haven't told our families yet because I wanted to get through my 1st trimester -which will fall about Thanksgiving. We are going to tell everyone by sneaking our news into the Holiday prayer. I want to tell the entire world our great news too but just waiting for the special moment. So I am so glad to share your excitement with you!!

Keep your numbers in check because that baby will throw out your normal/perfect readings out the window with no warning. I now use almost 3x as much insulin as I did before I got pregnant. And I'm a health nut too. Since I will be 'ahead' of you --just ask if I can answer any type of questions. (Not that I have experience yet-HA)  Wish you the best for all your health & diabetic care. :)



Congratulations Kelly! How long did it take you to get pregnant, you know, after you seriously started trying?

Lissa--great to meet you too! I don't want to tell anyone until the 1st trimester is over either, plus I am trying not to get too excited until I go to the doctor this Friday. The only people that know are myself, my husband, and this website, I guess! Toomshum--We got this result after our first try, so I am kind of nervous about miscarriage, but crossing my fingers. We were very lucky.  I hope everything works out well and we have a healthy baby in June =)

That's great Kelly!!!. I'm crossing my fingers too for you. I'm sure everything will go well. All the Best.

I can totally relate to your post. I live in MN too. I thought I was getting my period (2 negatives a week apart even). I had low back back like I sometimes have with my period. A few days before the positive test I started burping and at one point even threw up. Yet I didn't really think I was pregnant because of the 2 negatives. Then I take the test, get angry because again it's just one line, but then the second line starts to come in and I'm just looking at the thing thinking, "am I really seeing two lines or has trying to get pregnant driven me crazy and I'm seeing things"?

We might be due around the same time. I'm not exactly sure when I'm due, having an ultrasound on the 31st which will help confirm dates.

We are thinking we will tell our moms and my closest friends after the US and tell them it's still early so don't be spreading the news.

very excited for you and hope all goes well!

Hello! I get excited every time i find out someone who is pregnant and this site you can talk to any pregnant woman who has diabetes and i feel so much better!! Im 10 weeks as of today! and it has been pretty interesting from the day i found out! some highs and some pretty low lows! But over all i have alot of faith that baby and i will be just fine! Good luck to u!!


Jason and I are expecting a baby in late May/early June!!! We are so happy! I can't believe it!! I'm going to be a mommy =D =D =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, all of my other labs were PERFECT---cholesterol, total blood cell counts, thyroid, etc...and A1C is 5.7%!!! What a great day!!!!!

Thanks for the encouragement,'s so hard not telling anyone yet because of the excitement! So I am glad I can share with you all =)



..........aka "Mommy-To-Be" Ahhhhh!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's awesome Kelly! Excellent work on your A1C control! :) I was out of town last night (hour away) and I had to tell every single check out person that I was pregnant. They probably didn't care at all but I felt since I was so far away from home that no one would really know who I was. Ah, I can't wait to tell all my family & friends at Thanksgiving. As I'm sure you are excited to spread your news as well. :) When is your due date? Mine is June 1, 12 --estimated by my ovulation date. However, when I went for my ultra sound a few weeks ago they said that I might have convieved the very VERY 1st time we tried. Whoa if that's correct. They now think my due date is May 24, 12. So I'm not sure what to believe yet. Its hard because I want 100% correct answers from doctors but I guess no one know for certain. Oh well. Either way ---SO EXCITING. I have already bought so many baby things. I now have a beautiful rocker in my spare bedroom that I go and sit in and just dream. I have to wait until I know the sex to change the color/theme.

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