Too many highs

Hello everyone, I have a concern that maybe somebody can help me with I fear that my daughter(who will be 8 next month) doctors might think we aren’t taking care of her when she has so many high readings. I know people tell me that it’s only a number but it’s still scary and we are trying to figure it out why she has these readings. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated thanks.

The words that hit me from your sentence we “trying to figure out.” Sometimes even though you are doing all you are supposed to do, stuff happens - sometimes our body’s needs change and we have to make adjustments to basal insulin or carb ratios, and in my case I’ve found unexplainable highs that don’t respond to insulin could indicate an underlying infection. Probably not the case for your daughter but I just thought I’d mention it. Keeping an annoyingly thorough diary of insulin, meals/snacks and activity can help you and her doctor figure out what’s going on. Diabetes is challenging for everyone - adult patients and parents, and her doctor should understand.

@Spiderrowdy hi Mikey, how high? how long?

Thanks for the information @wadawabbit

Hi Mikey @Spiderrowdy, a slide I used in a presentation stated quite simply, “The Only Constant is CHANGE”. The only exception, so far, is that our autoimmune diabetes, T1D, will always be with us.

Knowing that you are diligently working hard to manage your daughter’s diabetes, do not let doctor’s criticism affect you too much - rather turn the discussion around and listen to how the doctor would manage your daughter day by day, even hour by hour. Receive guidance on how to interpret “those readings” and what action, if anything, you should take. Some “highs” will not require any action.

As Dorie wrote, insulin dosing does not remain constant; carbohydrate ratios change and background / basal insulin needs change as our body changes. Just think how different your daughter is now compared with that bundle of joy you cuddled eight years ago - yes, she is still your little girl, but she is constantly changing.

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