Too Much Time on Our Hands

Yes, I've heard before I have too much time on my hands. However, I'm fine with that :) I was goofing off with a t-shirt designing site last night, and this one makes me laugh a little because it reminds me of the "that's what little girls/boys are made of" nursery rhyme:

The front is a picture of cake, soda, and a chair (ie "diabetics don't exercise"). The back says "(This is NOT what T1 diabetics are made of.) Get the facts. Ask me."

Anyone else have too much time on your hands?


I'm definately impressed!



I'm definately impressed!


Alyssa you made that? Those can be shirts we can sell to people to get more money for your "Alyssa takes on a cure!" I would buy one!

I've got more if I'm not boring you all


Yes, I made that

Keep em coming i love it. Can you make them bigger though I can't see it that well. I am an old lady.

Gina!! Whatever!! You aren't old

Hi Alyssa,

I've got WAY too much time on my hands.

You do know that a perfectly clean desk
with no piles of papers is the true sign
of someone who accomplishes something.

Also, you know  the people who always say
they are "too busy" to take on an additional
task or to help you when you need a favor...
These people usually accomplish much less
than the ones who always have time to
take on more work or help you out..

You have time on your hands because you
get a lot done... quickly and efficiently.

Now if "Alayna" is "Layna"....
are you "Lyssa?"

Talk about having too much time on your hands :)



Haha Paul, I wondered how long it'd take people to start goofing with my name :) (not in a bad way, though). Lyssa if you like, or Aly :) I already go by that to friends/people, so you can pick whatever haha :)

Gina, yeah I'll make 'em bigger :)

These aren't so good, I think the first one was one of the best. So hold the tomatoes I was just goofing whe n I made them :) Hopefully these are large enough (Gina!! still not old!), lemme know. And I'm sifting through computer files to find the others. Or feel free to tell me to stop posting. One can only read so many cheesy t-shirts before insanity hits :)

- Aly/Lyssa/Alyssa (Paul!)

Yes much better! Where are you making these? Alyssa you have talent girl!


I like the last one... all very clever!

Here... I think you need to take this quiz.
If you answer "Yes" to most of the questions,
...Then you are a

Type A  - Type 1

1. Do you find yourself in a hurry more often than not?
2. Do you grind your teeth, when you're awake or asleep?
3. Do you find it difficult to fully listen to someone when they are talking, and usually think of other things at the same time?
4, Do you believe that people are basically untrustworthy, and only out for themselves?
5. Do you usually read mail or sort papers while talking on the phone, or read while eating?
6. Do others tell regularly tell you to slow down or relax?
7. Do you find it difficult and frustrating to wait in line or sit in traffic?
8. Do you talk faster than most people, sometimes having to repeat yourself because others can't understand your fast speech?
9. Do you find your facial muscles to be tense much of the time?
10 Do you find yourself interrupting others when they speak?
11. Do you focus heavily on personal achievement, sometimes putting it ahead of relationships?
12. Do you have a significant need for recognition from others?
13. Do you find yourself in stressful, high-demand jobs?
14. Do you eat faster than others, or leave the table as soon as you're done eating, even if others aren't finished?
15. Is your walking pace faster than most people's to the point that you need to make yourself slow down to keep pace with them?
16. Do you lose sleep thinking about rude or frustrating things people have done during the day?
17. Do you often get annoyed by the slowness of waiters, the rudeness of store clerks, and the idiots on the road?
18, Do you find yourself anticipating disasters often, always aware of what could go horribly wrong?
19. Do you find yourself sweating often, especially on your forehead and upper lip? Or, do you have dark circles under your eyes?
20. Do you find yourself being more competitive than most people?

:) Thanks, Gina. I made them here: and.... yikes I don't recall the other site! I'm Googling it :)

Haha Paul you have got too much time! To appease you :) :
1.) Probably
2.) Yes! I can't tell you how many times I've had sealants redone (is that the right spelling??)
3.) No -- I tend to be a pretty good listener. I think.
4.) Depends on the person. Shifty eyes? Heck yes. But I don't automatically think everyone is.
5.) I showered while eating a salad once... does that count?
6.) OMG :) Even my Spanish instructors have told me to slow my speech down... and that's a fast language! And my parents say I make them tired :)
7.) It depends on the queuing line. Some stuff is fun to look at :) Or if I have something to do while I wait, read, write, bug someone, etc
8.) APPARENTLY, I TALK SUUUUPER FAST. I tell people to listen faster.
9.) I've never noticed.... nope, not tense. In fact, people say I never smile (?)
10.) I get in trouble for that all the time.
11.) Ehhh, it depends. Sometimes, sometimes not.
12.) I prefer to blend. But I don't mind being credited haha
13.) Uum.... I work ahead a grade?
14.) I am always the last one eating. So, no.
15.) No. I like to stroooooll
16.) YES!!! Stuff like that sticks with me. Like from 3rd grade, I can remember stuff like that.
17.) Heck. Yes. Half the time I am tempted to say something. I almost told a hobo to get a job the other day. Then I realized I don't want to be beat up.
18.) Ehh. Possibly?
19.) People ask me sometimes if it's water after the pool or sweat? To be honest I don't know. And people say I look tired. But that could just be lack of sleep.
20.) Me? Competitive? Noooooo...... (bet I can put more o's than you!)


That's quite a bit of Type A!

I only answered yes to 4 questions.

But I am:
1. Doing Juvenation
2. Eating Dinner and
3. Watching "So You Think You Can Dance" (I can't dance.)

All at the same time!


I want to buy one of those!

I agree with Gina, you should totally try and sell these shirts. They would be a perfect incintive to get people to donate for the cure that you are trying to achieve.

Anyone know if/what kind of business license you have to have to sell t-shirts? haha

Well some of you all might have too much time on your hands. But it is not bad time, i mean many great ideas have come from too much time on ones hands. I wish I had more. I mean the summer for me is supposed to be more time yet I am losing time and not able to do as much as I wanted to do or get on here as often as I can. Alyssa, I am jealous of the time you have and the 444 posts you have posted to date. I was hoping to one day catch you but I am tailing more and more. Keep up the good work though. You really don't need a business license to sell shirts and stuff. However, depending on money and profit and stuff taxes may need to be filed and stuff for the income and such. However, I am not exactly sure. This is one of those random things that us non-business people need to do. Plus I think it depends on where you live as well.