Too Much Time on Our Hands

Not sure if this is big enough, but the front says "I run in the race for a cure" (or ride for everyone who cycles). The back says "because no amount of exercise got me here, but it will get me out. Juvenile diabetes: ask me" (exercise as in, you know, walking for diabetes? Not being more active??) I'll have to reword this -- it's a bit wordy any way.


I totally forgot! I was in the middle of uploading another T-shirt when my Internet wigged out. I totally put your "lemons" thing on a t-shirt!! I'll upload it pretty quick here :)

I really like the shirts. It seems like "ask me" is your slogan. It's a great idea. and it really shows people that we're not secretive about it and they can always ask questions :)

Lol, sweet and I mean in the diabetic sweet way. Apparently many people like the Lemon comment. Heck I even got a compliment from the esteemed A-D today. I was speechless for about 10 seconds. I just need to come up with a pithy reply.

Well, as I wrote somewhere else I think we can deliver the message better than some T-shirt. I think T-shirts, for example, can get peoples' attention, but it isn't going to put a face to diabetes. Wouldn't you remember someone you spoke to more than someone who's shirt you read? And, I prefer to answer questions in-person. I'm tired of people assuming I don't want to talk about it :)

Hey Brian,

Got any more slogans up your sleeves??

I love the lemon one too. It's incredible :)

Alyssa I use Cafepress to sell shirts I make. You can find out on there if you need a license I have one but thats because i have a business. check out a bunch I have made over the years. Our hottest seller is still I'm so sweet I need insulin shirts!

T-shirts always catch someones attention. I mean right now at church we have this lady who almost religiously no joke meant on this wears the same Dexter t-shirt a few times a week. I hope she washes it and all, but people do read t-shirts. The idea is pretty cool though. Granted on the one design you made you mispelt amount, you have two M's... :-p

I am sure I have more ideas, let me think of other random things. The problem though is when pressured my brain comes up with junk. I will think about it tonight and tomorrow in the shower, that's where I do my best thinking.

I like your ideas Alyssa. I'd buy one of your shirts too : )

nice work chicka, i'd wear one of those :)

Thank you, Brian, I never would have looked over my spelling once I posted these :) Luckily those are just drafts (wording sucked anyway) so it's an easy fix. And thanks, again :)

Gina: will-do as far as checking out the shirts. And I found out that I do need a license to sell them, but I think I've got that figured out. We'll see what we come up with :) And... what else was I going to say? Yikes, I forget :) Think I'm low....

I remember now :) I was going to say I am going to end up using Cafepress if this goes anywhere :)

Alrighty, Brian, here's yours :)

I checked my spelling this time :)

Oh my gosh Brian,You just made me laugh this morn.Good way to start the day. Thanks !!



ummm - I have to pause here and ask... "esteemed?!?!?!?"  I mean - really??? ROFL  Dear heaven, I do hope nobody is really taking me so seriously!






Your reply was sharp, witty and appropriate –but then, I don’t imagine you expect any less from yourself… ;)


AWESOME!!! I seriously want to get one of those T-shirts for my 15yr old T1 daughter. She gets so irritated when people try to tell her she can't eat some of the "Fun" foods she wants to eat. If you aren't going to sell these t-shirts I will go to a T-shirt shop and have them make this for her, with your permission. This would be the best gift ever!

Jyll Marie


I will be selling them before long. Hopefully today. I will let you know when it's up :)


I am very disturbed that you put my t-shirt on a womans body. I mean how can I wear something like that knowing that for the shirt to look right I need things that I do not have... Man you are going to have to find a male model for your t-shirt line. Maybe Pat since he has yet to put a t-shirt on the picture of his profile pic. It makes sense, I think he is just advertising the fact that he needs a shirt or something...

I apologize this is what happens when I start to get sleepy, my brain just says things. However, the shirts are really cool and if you make a profit you can donate it to the JDRF, the Alyssa Needs Insulin Fund, Brian needs to go to the movies fund, or maybe the let's Buy Iceland fund!!!!


Brian!!!!! Oh my gosh you crack me up so bad!

Here's another shirt.... but then I'm off to design Brian's Guy-Lemon-T cuz he's complainy :)

See? This one's a guy's shirt, Brian. I must have known you'd call me on that.

But why would I spend my time making guys' shirts when I indeed wear girls' styles haha it was just late-night-goofing in the beginning :)