Too much Tresiba

Hi, reaching out to all of you who have been dealing with this for many years. I still consider myself new to T1D. I’ve had it for 2 1/2 years now. I think I accidentally took my Tresiba twice last night, 12 units each time. My BG was dropping all night. Thank God for Dexcom! It was 51 at 6 am even with the glucose tablets. I had breakfast without taking my Humalog and now I’m 157 and feeling better. Any advice for how to navigate the rest of the day today?

hi @Deeeerose , keep an eye on the Dexcom, treat lows with carbs, be extra careful with even mild exercise (such as walking), you’re doing fine. watch tomorrow as well but you’re out of the woods as you get closer to the evening.

Thank you Joe! Glad to know I did the right thing. Cancelled my workout and my 90minute walk this morning. Appreciate the response!