Too much weight gain

I weighed 146 before pregnancy and I am now only 10 weeks along and I weigh 160!  I am sooooo concerened girls.  Both my sisters gained only 20lbs and they didn't start showing until the very end. I feel like a cow.  I stopped taking Symlin when I got pregnant which totaly helped me take less insulin and controlled my appetite...I don't know what to do know. I made up a better food menue to stick to and I am going to up my exercise routine..I want at least 6 of those pounds to come off :(

Everyone's pregnancy is different.  If you are eating fairly healthy, I wouldn't stress about it.  Don't use pregnancy as an excuse to gorge and I'm sure you'll be fine.  Plan to breastfeed afterward, which really melts the weight off.  

I lost my original baby weight but have gained a bunch in the years since.  Pregnant women absorb every calorie and nutrient possible from the food they eat and it feels like my body still does that.  I've also gotten older, which doesn't help!

I am eating wayyy healthy just feel like I am so oo hungry all the time and the calories are just adding up :(I am going to how long did you breastfeed for?

If you're hungry, then eat.  

I primarily breastfed for the first 3 months, with my husband giving baby a bottle at 10pm (so I could sleep for a few hours straight).  After I went back to work I'd breastfeed in the mornings, then at dinner time and before bed.  My son had no problem transitioning between breast and bottle.  

Finally stopped breastfeeding right around his first birthday.  It can be difficult and it's pretty painful when you first start, but most people get the hang of it.  Make sure to ask the hospital's lactation consultants if you're having any problems, even after you've been released from the hospital.  And if you decide breastfeeding isn't working well for you and your child, then have no guilt about using formula exclusively.    

I gained about 20 pounds up until the last week of my pregnancy, and then spent a few days in the hospital before the birth and gained at least another 15 due to the IV fluids and water weight. It has been about 2 weeks since I had my baby and I have lost all of it, so I wouldn't worry too much, it might come off quicker than you think afterwards. They say breastfeeding helps, I guess I wouldn't know because I haven't compared it to not breastfeeding, but it keeps me running really low so I guess that means I am expending energy doing it. But once your little bundle of joy comes along, you will probably be so happy that things like weight don't really matter as much to you anymore. I am just so concerned about my daughter that I really didn't even care about what was happening to me.

Kelly's point is true about breastfeeding (and I think also the post pregnancy hormones and sleep deprivation) making blood sugar low.  I actually didn't take ANY insulin for about 2 weeks after having my son.  And I had been an insulin dependent diabetic for 28 years.  You'd think it would have been cool to have no shots or pump for 2 weeks, but it was actually kind of stressful.  Within about a month I was back up to normal insulin levels.

That is great advice and good to know...yeah I will have to just keep eating healthy, exercising, and not hyperfocus on the scale :)