Took a test today!

Ok so for the past week and a half my blood sugars have been elevated, averaging 180-220. I have been extremely tired and just feeling really off. In September I started using an insulin pump and got off of lisinopril because I wanted to start trying in January. My A1C in September was 7.4 (not great, but not absolutely terrible). Well I took a pregnancy test today and it was positive! I went ahead and called the high risk obgyn that my doctor had referred me to awhile back for the future. The first appt they had was November 30, but the lady said the doctor would most likely call me within the next two days and possibly fit me in sooner. I have actually been taking prenatals since September just because my endo said it would be good to act for awhile just like I would if I were pregnant. I have been diabetic for 8 years, I didn't have the best track record as a teen, but I have been taking strict care of myself for the last few years. This would be my first pregnancy and i'm really nervous! I have been increasing my basal rates and checking every 2 hours. I do not have a cgm so I should probably look into that. BUT if I cannot get in until 2 weeks to the dr should there be anything I should be aware of or doing? I really don't want to be a hypercondriac about everything, but I want to make sure me and the baby are super healthy. Does anyone have any advice for the first few weeks? Thanks ladies!!

Congratulations!  Expect to be tired for the first trimester.  Just get as much sleep as you can.  Try to carb count as closely as possible and get a CGM or test often.   Also know that morning sickness can come at any time, but with a pump you can skip meals without any problem.  You will be amazed at how incredible your body is as it goes into mommy mode.  

Congratulations on your baby.  There's no reason you and your baby can't be completely healthy.  Take care.  -Jenna