Tooth pain and highs?

Does anyone else get sore teeth when your bs is too high? If it is a "side effect" of high bloodsugar, what causes it?

Hi Savs,

It;s usually the other way around whereby tooth and gum infections frequently casue a rise in blood sugar levels,  The outcome, hurting teeth and high blood sugars at the same, it's just a question of what triggerered what.  Almost all bodily infections which coccur in the mouth or anywhere elose wil aggravate blood glucose readings,.


I have a few teeth that need to be yanked. That being said, I would argue that not only do infections wreak major havoc with highs, but pain itself can also cause spikes. Pain may cause the spike because it is often accompanied by inactivity (as in, post surgery)...anyway...I've noticed that pain is linked to high blood sugars, whether infection-related or not...infections of the mouth...aren't those particularly bad for the heart? Paul, what are your reflections on adding a regime of Coenzyme Q-10 to stave off (if that is an accurate notion) infection/bacteria associated with dental problems? Is it worth it? Or is it a load of hooey? In terms of pain, I have pain from a developmental dental (say that three times fast) enamel issue, so I am wondering how levels would compare (of blood glucose)...thank you for the interesting topic. I hope others reply.

Two very important thiings about tooth pain/infection.

1. We are very susceptable to gum disease and decay, so regular attention and dentist visits are critical. I lost several teeth and have many crowns because I did not have dental insurance, dental care cost a lot,  and thought I could get by. I have since spent tens of $1000 on dental work to have functioning and presentable teeth (don't even suggest dentures!)

2. VERY IMPORTANT! Tooth and gum infections have been found to travel to the HEART! My cousin, the only other T1 in my family, suffered through several years of heart damage and surgeries, only to die in his 40's from damage due to heart infection brought on by his diebetes caused dental issues.

Don't let any tooth infection or pain go untreated!