So my sister just got diagnosed with type 1 and it breaks my heart to see her go through exactly what I went through.. I hoped and prayed that this day would never come. She's only a year younger than me so we're really close but I don't know how to help her.. We're totally different when it comes to our perception on things. When I was diagnosed I accepted it without a tear and made it something that made me stronger, not weaker. My sister is more sensitive and has broken down many times.. I try to empathize but I have no clue if it works. And whats worse is that she was there when I went through it all so she knows how "easy I made it look" and that makes her even more mad that she can't react the same way.. I cant help it if I'm not an emotional person, its just who I am! I feel like a lot of it is my fault even though I'm trying really hard to be there for her 24/7 :( 

Hello Alysha. I admire your strength and your own acceptance of your diabetes. You sister will eventually do the same, but it may take her longer. She is fortunate to have you. I hope she will join this site and let us talk to her.

Tell her you know a long term type 1 diabetic (me) who was diagnosed in 1945, and is very healthy. Both you, and she, can live long, healthy lives if you have good control.

Good luck to both of you!


Thanks :) She know's she's gonna be alright because I turned out just fine.. It's just hitting her hard because she was so used to being able to eat whatever, whenever she liked and now she can't.. and she hates shots. But I'll defz pass on the message :)

Hi Alysha.  I was diagnosed when I was 10.   Seven years later my sister was diagnosed (at age of 13).  I remember how awful I felt for her - much different than how I handled my own diagnosis.  I'm now 33 (she's 29).  To this day, we both handle our diabetes differently. I am more diligent with testing and control, whereas she runs high most of the time and has some complications like high blood pressure.  As the older sister, I am the role model and I feel it's important to be strong even when things are hard.  I know I can't 'save', 'fix' her or take on her irresponsibility - I can only model, give advice, and be there for her.

I am sorry your sister was diagnosed. But she is very very lucky to have you as her sister because you can teach her.  She will look up to you.  At the same time, realize that everything you feel (anger, guilt, denial) is completely normal right now.  Things will get better - promise!