That's so funny.  Some of the things people confuse pens and pumps for crack me up.

I was in math class and there was a sub that didn't know i had diabetes heard my pump beep...he thought it was a cellphone and got REAL mad at me!!! LOL but i explained it 2 him and he apoligized. and....It's never happened to me...but i heard of people whose teacher thought their pumps were cellphones and yanked the pump and site off of people!!!! OWWWW!!!! glad thats never happened 2 me!!! haha

lol people have thought mine was a pager, but what 13 year old has a pager?!?!?!? also this one kid in my class last year ((who i hate and he hates me)) heard my pump beep and was like hey shannon no phones in school! luckily my teacher was really nice and knew that it was my pump!! ((she made him apologize... oh yea!))

HAHA!!! Same here, i was sitting in class one time and our new student teacher comes up to me and she says "you need to put that away", im like whhaat? and then she says "no phones in class", hah i just start laughing and tell her that it's my insulin pump. She wouldnt stop apoligizing after that.....hahaha

LOL--I used to wear my pump on my hip.  My supervisor's friend at work asked her what I was wearing one day last year and my supervisor replied "She is an on call nurse and that is her pager.  If she gets a call, she logs out of the phones and has to go help".  SO funny. 

That happened to me once where I got my pump yanked from my hand cuz a teacher thought it was a phone and my site came off also. It was a couple of years ago and my friend stood up and started yelling at the teacher. The teacher felt so bad she started to cry.