Just wanted all the ladies to know that I think Adam Levine is too beautiful hahah :D

Who do you think is a beautiful man? I would love to know :) hahaha

i have many boyfriends. this is merely one of them.

Sidenote:  Ryan Reynolds' new movie, Buried, was written by Chris Sparling, whose wife is Kerri Sparling, of www.sixuntilme.com .   How cool is that?  I'm excited to see it.  I saw a preview for it when I saw Eclipse last week.


Hahha Ryan Reynolds is on my list too :) But my top 3 have some of the same features, I think... I definitely have a type ;)



and this guy

omg im in love with johnny depp!!! my fave movies of him are benny and joon, whats eating gilbert grape, edward sissor hands, don juan demarco,and arizona dream.

i also love these guys:

        <----- fave pic of him =]