So are there any new steps forward in the direction of having an artifical pancreas? When is it going to actually be here.


I went to a JDRF research Symposium in November and I was told the companies involved have made it their goal to have it market ready in 4-6 years. I doubt this is realistic though - at the moment the sensors aren't dependable/easy to use enough for the technology to be safe, and they are still having trouble preventing hypoglycemia even when the sensor is accurate (It seems like they need to somehow involve a component that will bring BG's back up).

I work on the APP at UVA School of Medicine (one of the sites doing APP trials).  I promise we are super dedicated to getting this device to help type 1's as soon as we can.  As a nurse and a type 1, I share your desire to have something that makes our lives a little easier.