My son is 3 and newly diagnosed and I know the Dr. said that his bs is good when its withen 100-250 range. But its around Lunch time and my son is 207 and states he's not hungry should I force him to eat or let him be??

207 is actually on the high side, not low. You need to treat him for lows when he is below the lower limit or close to it when he will

be exercising.

You can't make a 3 year old eat. He'll eat when he's ready. 


When we finally quit that fight, life got SOOOO much easier. 

This is where you need to talk to your Endo.  You child needs to eat.  High, low or normal.  When my son is high and has some ketones this is especially important to eat.  The insulin AND the food will help those ketones go away. Sounds weird but it's a fact.  

If your child does not want to eat a lot, just check the insulin scale and lower insulin.  

207 is high. Youngsters get more leeway on higher glucose than older kids to be sure the get enough glucose for brain development. He probably should be getting a correction with insulin at 207. He will only need to drink and eat when he is low, not high. My 11 year old is supposed to stay below 180. next year the limit will be lower.

Most diabetics aim for 80-120, but children are especially sensitive to insulin and since your son is newly diagnosed your doctor may be concerned he is still producing insulin and have him at 100-250.

Best diabetes doctors are pediatric endocrinologists or endos who work with lots of diabetic kids.    

Highs kill my appetite and sometimes kids just aren't hungry.  Make sure he has lots of water to drink and if he shows keytones, then it's important for him to take a little fast acting insulin.  Keytones mean the cells aren't getting glucose and have started burning fat for energy.  Brains only run on glucose, so it means your son needs insulin to process all that glucose from his blood into something the brain can use.  

This book published by the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes is a great general resource.