on thursdat i had an endo appoinment. my aic was 7!!!!!! there was a guy there getting his done too. it was 8.3 and his mom was all excited because his last one was 9. i wish mine had gone down more. i dropped only .2

That is still a wonderful number!  If you're not happy with it, I'd be happy to take it.  :)  Nice work.

thats a good number! i think that the desired number for an adolescent is 7.5. which is what mine is!

Right on Courtenay!

Great work Court! 7 is a wonderful A1C so keep doing what your doing.

Seven is marvelous, love!  Congrats and keep it up!  lol or down! eep

That's awesome Courtnenay!  Every little bit counts so don't be discouraged!! 

Courtney! Congrats... I am so proud of you!!!!!! I am going for blood work wish me luck.

great job, courtenay. and good luck, gina! i'm going next week. i don't think mine has moved at all, but i'm okay with that! great job everyone :o)


Any drop in the a1c is great. I am sure you worked hard in getting it down and I am sure you will keep up the hard work. And Gina, I am sure your numbers will be fine too. Good luck.

 Yes but seven is perfect!! Well, that is where they try to keep me anyway. I was like 8.9 or somethink onetime, then we went back (After practically not eating for a month!) and it was back down to like 6.3 :) Guess thats whatcha get for going to a bad endo! :)

 OH!! And also, a1c is kinda like wait loss, it is sooo easy ot get it up there, but sooo hard to get it down!! lol