Hello everybody I am new to Juvenation and My daughter is 6 years old and was just diagnosed with T1D. It all started a few weeks ago when she started saying her back was hurting. I thought she might have pulled something or was a kidney infection. So my mother -n- law took her to the doctor for me and then in return the doctor called me and told me that she had T1D. I was so upset about it. So we was sent to the ER and where she stayed for 2 days. We had to take in so much information in the 2 days that we was there. Her sugar has dropped twice and been up in the 200's a few times now that we have been out of the hospital. At first she was scared to death and was so upset that this was happening to her. All I could do was cry. I still get upset at times. I hope to get to meet and talk to familes that have kids diagnosed at a young age. Thanks for reading my post. Tabitha