Tough Life

Having diabetes never feels easy. Somedays I try not to think about it holding me back and I am usually a very positive person but lately staying positive has been so tough. and I just want it to stop! :frowning:

I so get that! Sometimes it's way too much to think about and seems like more than any one person can take on. But please remember that you are going to have better days. We all know what kind of feelings diabetes brings and we are all here for you!!!

I'm 17 years into my T1D and I'm having that kind of day right now myself. Been at 275 or higher for 3 days. So tired and tired of dealing with it. But I know it won't go away and I try to vent it out. Helps to clear it out a little and get back to trying to fix the problem.

My wife has the unlucky ear, but it's better for both of us for me to just be able to complain about it.

What's been bugging you lately?

You are definitely not alone! I was diagnosed with type1 20 years ago and every day is a battle. You could be doing everything right but something happens internally that's completely out of your control and it messes up your blood sugar readings. I've been there too many times....i know what it feels like to be so fed up and tired! We never get breaks...diabetes is always there and is always on your mind.

But, there are good days! I believe that every time we overcome the challenges diabetes brings into our lives, we become stronger. I know that if I didn't have diabetes I wouldn't be who I am today....and as crazy as it sounds, I am thankful that I have it. I know it could always be worse and I believe in my heart that everything happens for a reason, which is why I try to be strong even when I am having a bad diabetes day. I hope you all find the strength to overcome the difficulties of this condition!

p.s. In case you guys didnt know...its so important to drink water. I find that when I dont drink water my blood sugar runs high and it's really hard to bring it down (until i chug some water!). I learned this from a dietician years ago and know based on my experience that staying hydrated is crucial for type1 diabetics.

Isn't diabetes weird.  I'll have times when it seems like no big deal and then other times where I can't find an infusion site, every finger stick hurts, every blood sugar is crazy, and I'm sick of it all.

I'm almost 40 and have learned life kind of ebbs and flows like that.  Your frustration won't last forever.  

We all have our good days and bad days. Its part of living with an autoimmune condition, unfortunately. Sara is spot on about 1td making us stronger in spite of the daily challenges it throws our way! After a bad or even just a long day, I like to take a hot bath, read a fashion magazine, or listen to my Ipod. It is important to have some kind of stress outlet (like visiting TypeOne Nation, which you obviously do!).

I know how it feels like. It's sometimes painful for me accept this as my life now and I can't change it. I always try to see a brighter side out of this, but it's sometimes too hard.

However in some way diabetes has made me feel like a stronger person. :)