Tough Times

This is a poem I wrote 4 years ago about a month after I was married and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as well.

Saturday Night.
Feeling alright.
As good as it can be,
dealing with this unavoidable disease.
I've learned to keep it in control.
But to last a lifetime makes my stomach roll.
I felt fine before
Normal life, nevermore.
They say this is a controllable disease.
Just monitor and regulate with ease.
But to say you can live "normal" is not the case.
Because the caution in the back of your mind you can't erase.
Just a few more years and there'll be a cure.
But some have spent lifetimes and are still unsure.
Sugar free this and low carb that
All fall under categories of high level fat.
So I'll never be able to regulate with diet.
Without insulin, I'd have a blood sugar riot.
Type 1 rather than 2 at least gives me hope
that I won't ignore the problem, I'll learn to cope
with focus and determination
I can manage this for a chance of relaxation
from the fear of lows and highs
by keeping this goal in the back of my eyes.
Leave it to me to throw an early wrench into our marriage.
Worries of passing it on to a future little one in a carriage.
Fears of having to wake up in the middle of the night
to check if my baby's blood sugar is alright.
Rachel is so understanding and caring through it all.
Though I'm wounded, she still sees me as tall.
I'll never be able to tell her enough
how much her love means to me through the thick and the rough.

I love this poem! Its awesome! :)

That was spectacular and I relate to a lot of what you expressed. Really really good!