Tough week

So I have been experiencing really low lows the past few weeks. My endo has been out of town and another doctor has been helping me and decided that I've begun my "honeymoon period". I've had to change my insulin dosage about 6 times this week. Along with doing my finals. Just stressed.

Hey Courtney.  Ugh, I'm so sorry you have to be going through that.  Lows are miserable and to have a bunch of them in a row especially in a high-stress week like finals...  it just stinks.  Hang in there.  Keep working with the doctor and hopefully you can get yourself leveled out.   The first six to 12 months are really going to be the hardest... but I know you can get through it.    I hope you did well on your finals and hopefully you can relax a bit during the summer.

hey Courtney, hope you are okay.

Thanks guys. I have two more finals to go and then my boyfriend is taking me to the beach in less than a month for my birthday. Just trying to get through these exams and focus on me!


Make sure you have glucose on you! dont make me worry!

Haha, I always do. Plus my mom is a worry wart! She shoved m&ms in my bag the other day before I went back to school.

I'm totally with you! Finals make everything so much more difficult. I'm almost done with my last paper (but it feels like I've been almost done with this paper for about three weeks...), but I'm also trying to pack up my stuff and move out, and stressing about seeing my friends from high school and how they're going to react to my new diagnosis...


The point is, I'm totally frustrated and stressed out, too, and I also believe we'll both finish our finals and move on to have great summers. Enjoy the beach!

Sounds exactly like me! I move out on Monday. I have two take home finals that are due Monday that were 5 essays each. Then I have two finals on Tuesday.

But then Wednesday will be awesome because my boyfriend and I and our friends are going to see Third Eye Blind, so I'm excited.


Good luck with finals!!

Stress and the changing of the seasons can also cause unexplained lows - in my experience anyways. Hope things get better soon!

I finished finals last week myself and they make my sugars crazy as my daily rhythm is off due to staying up late studying!  Hope you are doing well.