Toujeo from Tresiba

Hi everyone, a substitute doctor is switching me from Tresiba to Lantus I was a bit disturbed but I guess it’s for insurance cost reasons with Tricare express scripts- has anyone else had to experience this brand switch and if so did you have to make any adjustments in units? My doctor thinks I’ll have a smooth transition but ya know this is T1D the metabolism is a wild card …

I was on Lantus for years and my doctor was going to switch me as well because of coverage. I think you should go for it and just monitor your blood sugars closely and then adjust where necessary. I don’t think the difference should be that extreme. They are both meant to do the same job. I think day to day, our bodies are different - stress levels, activity, food, etc. and that will affect your sugars likely more than the change in insulin.

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Hi Mary @Disco2, I’m confused - the text of your posting does not match the title.

Both Lantus and Toujeo are “insulin glargine” - two different brand names for manufactured insulin using the same formula. switching between these two brands should NOT present you with any difficulty. You are correct that the unpredictability of our bodies will require adjustments in insulin dose.

Tresiba is “insulin degludec” which is a formulation different fro glargine. Degludec and glargine insulin are designed to have the same or very similar properties, but may affect you in slightly manner. You may need to make slight corrections in dose ratios / sensitivity factors; for you it will be by experiment.

I’ve experienced this when switching between Humalog [insulin lispro] and Novolog [insulin aspart] - both with similar properties but made differently; I need slightly more Humalog than Novolog.

Correct Dennis, i didn’t catch the toujeo in the title - my draft sat two days in that time it was determined by my Tricare they wanted me on Lantus not Toujeo…I guess health care overrides the doctor? When I was on blue cross it was whatever my endocrinologist said…thanks for everyone’s feedback. I appreciate it.