Tour de Cure 2010

I know some of you have participated in this or some sort of biking for the cure.  I remember hearing about Heather Cole's trip across part of Canada back last year.

Has anyone else done this and am I biting off more than I can chew with my stationary lifestyle and a 30mile bike ride ahead of me in May? lol

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My hat's off to you!!!! I couldn't ride a bike a mile without huffing and puffing. LOL Uphill no thanks I can walk. Wishing you the best!!!!

Thanks Keith, I think I'm going to die. haha

maybe you should start training a little on a stationary bike or something. just go on it for like a half hour a few times a week and then build it up as you get better!

Awesome Greg!  Last year was my first year riding in the Tour.  I went as an individual and didn't really know what I was doing.  I had fun.  It was pretty awesome.

This year, I am all signed up, started a team (friends and family signed up), am collectin donations, generally doing a lot more preparation this time.  I will ride in the 100 mile or 100 km distance this year, depending on my training near exam time...

Have fun while you're riding--last year I was too serious to enjoy myself to my fullest potential I think. 

Test test test, but you probably knew that.

Yeah Greg, welcome to the Tour club! :)

I started doing the Tour when I was in third grade (15km), and have done the 50km ever since, though I took a few years off until last year.  It's fun to do with friends and family and it helps to have training partners.  If you are doing the 50km or a longer ride, definitely get out on the real roads multiple times, even if you are in shape.  Stationary cycling is very different.  Depending on where you live, the courses have hilly potential - the one I do on Cape Ann, MA has a lot of climbs.  Have fun!

You may also want to use road-bike tires if you don't have a road-bike but have a hybrid.  It makes riding much easier.

thanks katie! Chicago is the site of mine. hopefully not too many climbs...i wonder if there's a san francisco one?

Haha, probably.  That would be very painful >_<

You can do it! 

We are looking into doing the ride for a cure with JDRF -- although I like the fundraising minimums much better with Tour de Cure...our entire family could do the Tour for less than one person would have to raise for the Ride.   

To quote the great (?) Rob Schneider,


Okay, perhaps I have watched one too many Adam Sandler movies.


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To quote the great (?) Rob Schneider,


Okay, perhaps I have watched one too many Adam Sandler movies.



Nothing wrong with that! haha