Tracheal Calcification? Who knew?!?!

So I went to a chiropractor for my shoulder. He took an X-ray of my neck and shoulders and the film showed striated calcification on my trachea, which looked pretty cool, but it was also very concerning. The chiropractor made it seem very common and said, "You see this calcification on the trachea, but that's very common in diabetics. Nothing to worry about." Problem is, I am worried and I haven't found ANY info that says this is common.

I'm working on getting a digital copy of it so I can post it, but in the meanwhile I'm trying to find information about mineral deposits in diabetics. Anyone know ANYTHING about this?

Never heard of this.  How would high and low glucose levels cause calcification?  And why the throat?  

I know some people love their Chiropractors.  My anatomy & physiology class last year was taught by an excellent one.  

But I've also had them tell me some funky things before. I don't tend to trust their advice on issues that aren't related to skeletal/muscle issues.  You might want to have your xrays reviewed by another chiropractor and also and endocrinologist.

I have never heard of it. I think a orthopedic doctor would be a better person to talk to.

Consider the source. Some chiropractors are not very qualified or ethical. The last person I would see for health problems is a chiropractor. Never let them pop your neck. There is statistical evidence that procedure causes strokes.

A radiologist is the proper doctor to read an x-ray.