Track and Field

Any track athletes out there?

Just wondering... :)

I am! It's one of my favorite things to do other than swim or cheer

Yay! What events do you do?

I run track too! highschool.. distance all the way!

I'm running distance in college now - at Pitt and loving it!

wow?? D1??? thats amazing. you must be really good!! I ran sprints in highschool, but i was only offered scholarships at junior colleges. They dont have a mens team where i go now, so i couldnt even walk on. I miss it! Good luck with your running!

Wow congrats on that. You should be alittle ways into your indoor season now, hows that going for you. I walked on and threw shot at a D1 mid-major for a little while, threw shot and disc in high school, ran a few sprints...good luck with your seasons.


I definitely have a lot of room to improve though - I don't travel to all of the meets... yet. I only walked on to the team, and it's a lot easier to get on a women's team then men's teams in college b/c the school has to put the same amount of funding into men's and women's sports, but a lot of money goes into football at most schools, so that doesn't leave much funding for other men's sports, compared to their female counterparts.

Stephen, is there a running club or intramural track team at your school? Pitt has dozens of intramural teams and athletic clubs and they're really great!

This is actually my first indoor season, and I've traveled to a couple meets, which is a great experience. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but I'm slowly figuring out how to control my BS during high-intensity running and I think I'm going to improve a lot during outdoor.

What school did you throw for?

I imagine that trying to control your BG and running distance races could be a litte tricky, the farthest I ever ran was 100m lol Walking onto a D1 school like Pitt is still a pretty cool thing though.... I threw at Sam Houston State University its a small D1 school in East Texas, I never travled to any meets though, I was only on the team for 1 season.

Yeah, it's so ridiculously hard to control during races - I'm actually still figuring that out. And thanks. School would definitely be a lot easier if practice didn't take up 2 hours of my day, every day. But for me, it's worth it. And at least you have time to participate in other things - friends, parties, sleep, etc.

Well hopefully you get it figured out and also have some success. All those things are pretty good, but I still wish I would have stayed in, i miss it.

Thanks! And I know what you mean - I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't run.

What do you run

So far, I've done 5k, 6k, 3k, and the mile. Maybe I'll do a 10k for outdoor, but I don't know yet. I hate the mile, so hopefully I'll never have to do it again, haha.

haha you hate the shortest of all the races, thats funny, when you said you ran distance you meant it didnt you.

Yup! I just really am not fast enough for the mile, haha.

haha I know the feeling

So I did a 1500 last weekend. That was cool.

Is pumping the way to go for long distance runs? Seems like it would make sense at the faster paces to prevent bs from spiking. Idk bc I don’t have one, can usually do 7-730 pace 4 5k wo any insulin. Best 5k was 18ish in hs b4 type 1 onset.

Mal – congrats on making the Pitt CC/Track team. I walked-on at Ohio State in CC/Track…luckily, before I became a Type 1er a few years later. There’s a high school boy named JSteltz in this site’s “Running” group asking for advice managing blood sugars during races. I gave him my 2 cents worth and it would be cool and helpful if you could post your advice to him, too. We distant runners need to help each other out. Thanks!