Tragedy please help if you can

Good afternoon all this is hard to even write a Tragedy has happened to me and my family we just had a house fire . And I’m hoping anyone that will be able to help donate diabetic supplies to me I lost it all and have nothing and my Insurance company no longer covers any of the CGMs i was paying out of pocket for the most part or was given supplies. Now I’m having to start all over again and with a baby on the way this is pretty stressful.

Brittany, what do you use currently and what do you need?

I use the dexcom g5 senors and the older tandem infusion sets not the t lock .

Brittany, I don’t use either Dexcom or Tandem so cannot be of much help there. However, please check out the “Type 1 Diabetes Pay It Forward” Facebook page where people donate unwanted/unneeded diabetes supplies to one another all the time! I hope you find what you need there. I am so sorry to hear of the house fire. I cannot imagine the stress. Take care of yourself.


Thank you I user to belong to a few but they have all been deleted because of people selling and reporting.

Brittany, Have you thought about starting a go fund me page on Facebook. I’m sure many people on this forum would be happy to contribute, including myself.

I have done that for my son because of his lung condition for his bills and it was a awful people are mean.

I am very sorry for you and your family. I have T1D and use the Tslim pump, so what town do you live in to see if I can get some of my infusion sets over to you? I also have some old G5 sensors but not transmitters, when I switched to the G6 they took back the transmitters for my G5 so…sorry about that.

Brittany, we are using Dexcom G6 now but I have Dexcom g5 sensors you can have. Please message me.

I live in new Mexico and I could use the senors I use my phone .

I live in Vancouver, WA. I will be glad to pay postage and send these to you.

Are you sure I can pay for shipping .

I have 8 G4/5 Sensors that I would be happy to send you. Our daughter is on the G6 and I just haven’t had the heart to just throw them away, knowing that they are perfect and I’m sure that someone could use them. :slight_smile:

That would be great I would really appreciate that

Do you have a blood meter? If you use the One Touch Verio, I have test strips I can share. Please let me know what type of meter you use.

The blood Monitor that I have is the accu check smart view. But thank you I really appreciate it.

Brittany, I have several g4/g5 sensors if you still need them (8 I believe)