Transition from pediatric to adult endocrinologist in ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA

My daughter is being sent to an endo for adults now that she is 18. We loved her pediatric endo & now are looking for suggestions for a great endo in our area as well as any advise when looking for a new doctor.

@denab Hello Dena, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum! It is not customary for Members of this Forum to endorse specific providers; it is okay to ask and names of providers can be sent to you through the private Message feature. (The private Message feature is accessed by clicking on any user name or icon)

Finding a good diabetologist (that may also be an endo) is like selecting any other physician/specialist. What I have done successfully, is to ask medical personal whom I trust for recommendations and then interview from there. Her current pediatrics providers are the best place to begin. Also ask any provider that you have found to be good.

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Dena @denab, another way to learn of effective diabetes providers is through networking - meeting others like you. This link is to the NC JDRF Chapter with a list of events - you just missed the TypeOneNation Summit which I’ve found to be good events for learning.
North Carolina JDRF Diabetes Chapter Support


I’ve switched doctors from time to time (endo and otherwise) and good as word-of-mouth recommendations are to start with, it’s only a jumping off point - people’s needs are different and the person who’s great for your neighbor may not be great for you. One thing I suggest is finding a group practice - if she’s not crazy about one doctor she can keep trying until she finds a good match.
I hope your daughter checks out the forum - there are a number of teens here she can connect with of she would like.