Translating your A1C to the numbers on your monitor!

Okay, so the doc gives us a percentage about our blood sugars, but what does that number really mean in your day-to-day blood sugar readings?


The Joslin Diabetes Center printed a cool article on the eAG: Estimated Average Glucose reading, so you can see where your numbers are at throughout the day if your A1C is a certain percentage.


Check out the details: Understanding Your A1C percentage.



Thanks for the link,the info helpful


For online reference (and for the slightly wider range) I also like using the link I originally posted at: 

It is:

The other nice thing about that tool is that it converts between the two main glucose measurements.

That is a nice little write-up!




It's a little scary that the chart only goes to 12.  When I was in my terrible teens, my A1C was up to 13 point something.  I'm down to 8.2 now and shooting (pun intended?) for 6 point anything.

Thank you for the link!