Travel Ins. Not Covering Pump?

Just got my travel insurance for our overseas holiday after them making me a medical check up and certificate. I am covered but they will not cover the pump.

Does anyone know if this is usually the case for their experience?

By the way the extra premium for being T1D on a doubles plan was $100 (44% more).

What pump do you have? I have Medtonic, and they will ship anywhere within 24 hrs if it fails, and I'm pretty sure you can get a 'loaner' pump with international travel from all of the pump companies just in case. Regardless, make sure you take extra syringes and insulin so that God Forbid anything happens to the pump you can still deliver insulin. As for travellers insurance, I have never used it so I can't help you there.

Good Luck! and Have a great Trip...where are you going??

Vanuata in April. I also have Metronic, got hooked up not so long ago.

Can not wait for the break, just wish I could leave the diabetes at home.

Wow, Vanuata looks awesome...

Talk to your Dr. When I go on vacation I go on a pump vacation as well. I don't want to have to worry about the site when I'm on the beach or in the water, so I go back to shots for a week (doing it tomorrow - I leave for the US Virgin Islands Friday). Obviously it's not totally leaving the big D at home, but it does allow you (in my opinion) to do typical vacation stuff more easily. When I come home I just hook back up like nothing happened.

I saw on your profile you're almost a year in. The only think I can say is it DOES get easier, and after 6 yrs I honestly don't know what it would be like to not wake up every morning with the pump tubing all wrapped around me or to not count the carbs I'm eating! Good Luck, and don't ever let it stop you from doing anything.

Enjoy the trip!