Travel Insurance


Planning my first trip overseas since being diagnosed and just found out my travel insurance fees are $100 more expensive because I am a T1D, which is a 70% over and above what other people would.

On top of that I have to get a medical assessment and sign off by my GP...who really wouldn't have a clue about T1D anyway.

The annoying buggers...I am glad I just made them fork out for a pump!

I always just risk it and hope I'll be okay overseas. But, I'm not being a good influence -- you're doing the right thing even if it's more expensive!

Going anywhere fun?

Yeah off to Vanuatu for a week. It has been a long time since the last holiday and we definitly need the break after a stressful 2009.

Insurance is one of those things, I know the one time I don't get it will be the one time I need the darn I am not too fussed about the money thing, I guess I king of expected it, but having to do a medical annoys me.

Anyway, I will just get it done and then enjoy the holiday.

Wow, I had to Google to see where Vanuatu was. It looks amazing!