Travel/ Supply Bag

I am looking for a good bag for travel to keep all of my pump supplies and such in. I know at one point Medtronic was offering a bag that could was multi-purpose, such that it could hold backup supplies, but also was meant for a book/laptop bag.

With all the various travel and bag issues, I am looking for something a little bigger than the travel mate that they are offering to use as a carry on. I have tried a few searches online, but the language ends up getting me only to sites that sell pump packs, which I am not looking for. Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.

Well the main question here is where are you traveling to? How far away from home/ out of the country? Also how long will you be gone?

Ask yourself these questions when roaming around looking.

My suggestion is a large camera bag. This should give you temperature control and adequate space for supplies. Camera bags come in many sizes and are better made then those icky "diabetes bags."

Lastly, try to remove all advertise from the bag, you don't want people to think there is a camera in the bag. I always do this with all of my bags and if the labels won't come off I replace them with homemade bag identifiers such as a medical alert symbol.

It is more for a week long period. Mostly in country, however my next big excursion is on a 5 day cruise. I was hoping for something a little bigger than a camera bag, because I do want to be able to have it double as a normal carry on bag, for books and music and stuff. Although, the camera bag is defintily a thought.

If you're just looking for a bag and not necessarily looking for a "medical" type bag, I would go to