Traveling Abroad

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 6.  I am now a sophomore in college.  I have an insulin pump and pretty good control of my diabetes.  I plan to travel abroad in Spain for 6 weeks next summer.  Has anyone gone abroad or does anyone have any tips for how to manage my diabetes/plan for emergencies while traveling?

I've been diagnosed since I was 11. And I travel abroad all the time(I'm getting ready to go to Italy and Australia this summer :))). What I do is I get a doctors note from my endo and carry that with me through the security check points. Then I carry everything with the prescription on it. It just helps to have all that stuff so the TSA doesn't give you a hassle about everything.

Everything Mary said is true.  You can look at the TSA website ( which will tell you everything you need to know.  You might be surprised how lenient they can be as long as you have some documentation.  Towards the bottom of that page there is a link specifically for diabetes patients as well.  This should work out of the country as well. is also a great site. It always depends on the country, but most just need the correct documentation and everything has to be in the original containers.  The countries are usually very accommodating with diabetes!!!!

As for managing your diabetes i would recomend trying to get on a schedule right away. I went to spain for 2 weeks when I was a sophmore in High school, and I think everything would have gone a lot more smoothly had my teachers let us get on a normal schedule so I could eat 3 meals a day at about the same time. Also, I found it harder to count carbs cuz I wasn't used to the food so I would end up high. Maybe they have a carb book for traveling or something like that. And, not to get off topic, but, when you are there you need to try the spanish tortillas! they are kind of like a kish, eggs and potatoes and onions, but I could have lived on them, lol. Have fun=)