Traveling and Pregnancy...PLEASE HELP ME, GIRLS!

Hello Ladies--

I am going on a trip this upcoming Septmeber and we are flying to our destination. It just so happens that I will be ovulating while we are there. So, we were thinking of trying when we are there =) However, I have heard mixed facts about air travel while in the first couple weeks of pregnancy. I have friends that say, "DON'T DO IT", but I researched it and the things I have found said that it is perfectly safe in the first few weeks--it's at the end of the pregnancy that you should avoid it; there is a risk of preterm labor. So, I am just wondering you you girls can help me. I could ask my doctor, and I probably will, but just wanted your feedback, since you guys have been so helpful in the past. I will deinfately check into it on the physician end. A1C is 5.5%, been on prenatals for 5 months and I got the go from all ends in the medical field! WE ARE READY =) Please let me know what you think!!


Thanks, Girls!


Kelly -

Yay to you!!!! That is exactly how I concieved  :) We were in Mexico for my husbands 30th Birthday and got pregnant there and flew back.  I was 6 weeks pregnant when we made it home.  I am 20 weeks pregnant now and just got back from flying to San Diego as well.  You will be fine :)  women tend to get pregnant when they are the most relaxed so go there and relax.  I will be going to Hawaii when I am 30 weeks pregnant and my doctor said that should be fine as well but I have to have a check up a few days before I go to make sure my cervix looks good and nice and tight.  They say just make sure you drink lots of water before during and after flight and if flight is longer than two hours to get up and stretch legs.  The only thing different I felt when I was in the air was when we took off or landed I would feel a little achy in my pelvis but all is good.  Have fun!!

Thanks Nicole! I kinda figured that it was okay. It's a 9 hour flight, so I will definately have to get up an move around anyways! The other thing that I am not looking forward to is not letting my friends find out...we are there for 10 days with a few friends and I ovulate on the 3rd everyone will want to go out and drink! I'll just tellthe bartender to put soda in a alcohol glass, I guess!! hahahah

I flew several times in the first trimester and didn't have any problems.  Realistically, it takes a good month for pregnancy symptoms to emerge.  For the first trimester most women just feel kind of bloated and some have morning sickness.  

You're not supposed to fly in the last couple of months (though I know women who have).  Think it's partly the pre-term labor concern and partly that nobody wants to deliver you baby on the plane!  When I was in my last month I was giant pregnant and a guy at my office building refused to get on the elevator with me because he was worried it would break down and he'd have to deliver the baby. =)

I flew in the 1st and 2nd tri too.

If you ovulate this month, before you go on your trip, I'd go ahead and TTC. It took my husband and me 6 months of trying, timing everything perfect, charting CM, temps, etc. to finally conceive. And it took my best friend 13 months! Some people get lucky the first or second month, but definitely not everyone. Also the stress/excitement of your trip may throw your ovulation off by a day or two, or a week. I wouldn't worry about anything until you know for sure that you're pregnant, other than the obvious--keep your blood sugars in line and be healthy. Good luck!

I flew from NY to Hong Kong to Bali (that's 20 hours!) when I was 7 weeks. My OB and endo were both cool with me going. Just keep hydrated and get up from your seat (same things you would do even if you weren't pregnant or TTC!) Have a great trip!